Caps and Hats

Whether you are looking for a new hat, Cap, cap, sixpence or fur hat, you can always find it in our large and diverse selection of hats and caps.

The product range is characterised by the hats and caps in a multitude of colors and designs, and are guaranteed to any style and look. In our trendy product range you can also find hats, caps and hats from New Era which is a u.s. brand starting in 1920. New Era was founded by Erhardt Koch, who was a creative soul with a unique ability to design hats, that appealed to the baseball players and trendsetters. New, however, has retained this trend and is today synonymous with trendy caps and beanies for trendsetters around the world. New Era, however, is not the only popular and unique brand, which is represented in our product range, since one can find fashionable hats and beanies from a multitude of brands all year round-including Alis, Flexfit, Carhatt, Les Deux, Vans, Adidas and State of WOW as well as many others.
Accessories with benefits
Today, virtually all clothing brands their very own collection of hats and caps for men, and each headgear contributes each with its expression. For example, caps associated with a street-and casual look, but at the same time also shadows the Sun. You could say that the caps are accessories, where some might think that caps is to keep warm, and not something that imparts the look an extra oomph. But in fact, hats become as popular as the caps are, and many men use hats as part of their outfit that put the icing on the cake. offers many different models and designs, available in many color combinations and expressions. Find your favorite here.