Calzedonia Swimwear New York

But he had not given birth just two months ago? How do you get back in shape so dazzling in time for the summer season? And ‘an unspeakable mystery to be supermodels. The fact is that the new advertising campaign of the collection of swimwear Calzedonia, boasts as the face, for the second year in a row, the beautiful supermodel and new mother Gisele Bundchen who, after having given birth to little Benjamin, had with her ​​husband, the sportsman Tom Brady, it must be getting back into shape in a hurry to be ready again for the beach, and that result!
Certainly the envy of all mothers and not only that, it is certain that the former angel of Victoria’s Secret, after having publicly announced the farewell from the catwalks, does not seem to have any intention to permanently leave the fashion world and its glitter sparkling spotlight. the fashion photographer Matt Jones and has immortalized the beautiful supermodel Basilian on the beaches of Costa Rica, not far from where only some time ago Bunchen joined in marriage to football player. Here are some preview pictures the new campaign of bikinis for summer 2010, which anticipate the catalog of Calzedonia which will be available in stores from early May.
In these shots, the Bundchen wearing bikinis by colorful prints and bright colors like pink that touches the purple shaded thanks to a captivating game. In the collection of Calzedonia also a model in denim and a black studded costumes, not to let slip the trends of the season (which this year reward the jeans at all costs and rock inspirations) even when we are at sea.