C & A: With What Look I Go?

Rain, drizzle, downpour, rain fair on Sunday when the powerful Brazil Fashion Truck parked here for Campo Grande? The rain was good, but the party was great! Even with the foot of water, the Fashion Truck was super cool to party! I had fun! Also who wouldn’t have fun with good music, excellent companies, make, enameling and a collection of C & the Beautiful!
About the new collection, I have only praise. Beautiful colors, amazing prints, super modern modeling and of course the buddy that we already know that the C & A ‘s! I’m glad I’ve met two of the designers of MilitaryNous, and also the top personal Stylist Yan Acioli, a lovely person who conquered everyone with their sympathy and even proved. A super important detail girls, the new collection arrives in macaws of C & A, in the first half of October! I put several items in my wishlist.
Also took advantage of the event to meet the super cool platform that the C & the set up … It’s with that look I will? A page within the site of the C & A to take all our questions in time to assemble the look! You know that friend and even specialized opinion that we need so much when you’re insecure with a look or what you wear to an event? So, by the publishers of sets of C & to help us make sure the look and still help us with what to wear in a specific event! Is simply amazing!!
Take a look at a little event that happened, that even with the rain it was all good!