Brexit: What Does This Mean for Your Mobile Subscription

Read here what yesterday’s Brexit-vote means that if you use your mobile subscription in the United Kingdom

Yesterday the British people went to the boxes and made history by being the first member of the European Union who vote to repeal the participation in the European UNION-cooperation.

The vote caused a panic in financial and economic circles, a panic, however, immediately will not have direct impact for your mobile Bill, even if you plan to travel to the United Kingdom this summer.

In a survey of Vodafone, Telenor and 3, made by, is the message the same. There will not be tampered with roaming prices over the summer.

No price increases in sight

On the longer runway, predicted no shifts with the three telecommunication companies.

“When we make services which Roam Like Home Europe, so we make agreements with local operators, whose networks our customers can use when they are staying in the country concerned. The agreements translated into contracts, and they shall remain applicable – Brexit or not. ” Explains Telia’s Chief press officer David Engstrøm.

The three telecom operators offer special voice and data packages for foreign travel, which means that you can use Smartphone data features for far more advantageous prices the high roaming charges.

Court’s vote will not affect Telia’s respectively ‘ Roam Like Home ‘, Telnors ‘ Roam Away ‘ and 3 ‘s ‘ 3 Like Home ‘ packages.