Breastfeeding and Maternity Clothing: New Collection

Finally comes the heat and lactating moms and moms are looking for nursing light and comfortable clothing, to be able to breastfeed easily. If we also want modern and which promote items, find something to please can become a difficult task.
As mothers with several lactations behind us have been through the hard trance what can I put myself after giving birth, when our body has undergone so many changes, we need to breast feed comfortably to our creatures frequently, and we don’t like to do it uncomfortable or having to expose our bodies to get up with the clothes.
Therefore from several seasons ago we select clothing for breastfeeding which complies with the requirements that every mother needs; modern, comfortable clothes with a flattering cut that respect the changes that our body has suffered, and that you can use during pregnancy, lactation and even then.
We have opted for several brands that meet these requirements, and whose novelties for the season spring summer we tell you then.

Baobabs BCN breastfeeding clothing: comfort, original and design

Our favorite nursing clothing brand remains Baobabs BCN, by its quality, produced in Spain certified oeko-tex, fabrics that do not deform, garments that do not get damaged and different and original designs.
Clothing breastfeeding with side zips or double carriage, allowing breastfeeding quickly and easily.
Our favorite, original, comfortable and different opening, opening Moom, patented by Baobabs, could not miss some of your clothes.
In this collection we find many garments with invisible opening zip central or transverse hidden, ideal if you don’t want anyone notice you are wearing clothes of lactation.
As in all its collections, it is clothing for breastfeeding that you can use during pregnancy and not deformed, thanks to the quality of the fabrics and the spandex.
Keeps the line of pajamas and Nightgowns that premiered this winter, models that you can use during pregnancy and lactation. Ideal for hospital, to receive visits at home, and a comfortable night nursing.

Mamalicious: leader in Europe of breastfeeding and maternity clothing

For this season have opted for clothing for breastfeeding and maternity Mamalicious, of the prestigious Danish Bestseller Group (with famous brands such as Jack & Jones, summer fashion, Only…) We find items that we can go to any event arranged and easily to the chest, at great prices.

Tree of love, mark Spanish breastfeeding clothes for every day

Love tree keeps some of his designs that are a guaranteed success and innovate with many new items very encouraging and is ideal for any occasion, such as Isabella dress or top Gabriela.
Although these are our main bets you can find other brands such as Happymum, Mamaktual, etc.
If you are in Madrid you can come to try it all at any of our stores, Atocha or Concha Espina. You can also purchase it online by clicking here, the ports are free from €39