Brazil is the Country That Fills the Bag Google

If you are on the Internet for some time, you may have seen one or other news involving the Brazilian government and the search giant Google. In most cases, it is a request of an organ of the Brazilian judiciary to Google requesting user data that would be breaking the law.
This large amount of requests ended up putting the Brazilian government in a ranking not very popular. According to the tool Government Requests Tool released today by Google, Brazil is the country that asks for sensitive data to the company. Google currently has 3,663 government requests waiting to be answered.
In addition to ordering data, Brazil is also champion in the request for removal of internet data. More than 291 requests, and 82.5% of them have already been met, according to the company. 218 requests are related to content posted on Orkut and other 26 are related to content posted on Blogger.
These are given only for the period between July and December 2009. None of the applications this year was also recorded, but Google claims that will be added every 6 months. After Brazil, the four countries with more applications are the US, the UK, Italy and France.