Bracelets And Anklets

“It’s summer… All or nothing to do, other than to take the pleasure… “Who remembers this song? Mc Donald’s commercial ready for when what we most wanted was a gigantic sundae. And speaking of sundae , the heat is closer and closer and today we will talk about two pieces that are the face of summer!
Parts that are absolute muse of the most interesting looks, stylish and stripped of the high temperatures: we are talking about anklets and bracelets! Are you doubting? So mentaliza me: one wedge with cork heels a short frayed jeans and a blouse in soltinha all income. It looks perfect? Now add a powerful bracelet and an incredible ankle bracelet? It’s the right dose of glamor for you who, like me, is passionate about the heat and was already tired of so many winter-covered arms and legs!
Summer is here, my Brazil, so it is now allowed to enjoy the heat to create bold and interesting looks, with legs outside, cropped blouses and a world of accessories in Silver to value the production:-)
The models are several and our online store is full of them for you to make beautiful, be it in the pool party, or in the luau, or even in that cafe with the friends or in the beer after the beach… Add an accessory it and be seen And praised by all!
So, are you from the team of bracelets, ankle bracelets or do you use livingstontrending?