Bra with Bulge, How to Store It?

Information on how to properly accommodate a bulging bra in the drawer.
The lingerie is delicate pieces that require some special care when storing, especially bras that have bulge. A very common mistake is to turn it upside down, this should not be done because it can deform the part and then take original characteristics of it. The bra with buckle or filler should be properly stored to increase its durability.
If you keep your bras in the drawer already have a point in your favor, this is the best way. They should be open, in row one over the other, as this will avoid deformation.
It is foolish to think that keeping the fashion bra in the shape of a shell is right, that over time it ends up damaging the fabric that joins the bundles, and your lingerie does not remain in the long term looking the same.
This storage also helps you gain space in your drawer. We list one step by step to help in understanding:

  1. Close the bra and place the straps in or to the side;
  2. Put them open in order of color or use and line them in the drawer;
  3. Soon, your drawer is organized and you can easily find the part you are looking for.

As has been said, this way of storing the bra with bulge also contributes to a good organization and visibility of the pieces that you have. How often do we buy clothes or lingerie that we do not need because we do not see all the pieces we have or do we always repeat them?
Follow these tips and you will have quality in the pieces, economy and more time in selecting your look having everything in sight. If you’re like me, you’ve begun to wonder how you can keep your panties, sweaters, robes, and other underwear, right? This is a subject for another post, but I promise I’ll come back to tell you!