Boglioli Men's Clothes

Focus on: Boglioli has in recent years set up natural elegance. By removing all excess feed, embrace a body near the silhouette and wash their fabrics, the Italian family company costumes to see impeccably easy.

The brand started as a tailor shop in Brescia, where the master tailor Piero Angelo was known for their stylish feel. But it was only when his son Giuseppe took over as the company grew in earnest. Giuseppe after the end of World War II saw great potential in the textile industry and took big risks by investing in what then was considered State of the art technology. The investments proved profitable and rapidly in the 1950s and 1960s it grew little tailor’s Studio to a larger factory.
When the third generation came into the company in 1972 by eldest son Mario had the factory met a smaller decline after growing competition from new textile countries. The company changed its name to Luca and the business took off again to 1974 have over a hundred employees. The positive trend continued when Giuseppe’s two other sons Stefano and Pierluigi came into the company. in 1994, the company had 220 employees and annually produced 90,000 jackets and 40,000 pairs of pants under his own name as well as the license for brands like Etro.
Today, Mario Brothers, Stefano and Pierlugi together company that in recent years has attracted new success. 2004 introduced K Jacket that quickly became a success and got the company to double its turnover. The first model of the K Jacket was made in 100% cashmere and lacked even a feed, which meant that it could actually be washed by hand. Style wise became K Jacket with his non-structured design pioneer and has been followed by several interpretations. Themselves have Boglioli followed up the original with a variety of models in new materials. Washed fabrics, as well as an athletic silhouette a consistent theme in the brand’s design language. Everything that the jacket should be as natural as possible.
In Sweden sold the brand currently on Gabucci and His High-tension in Stockholm. Bob Tavakoli on Gabucci specializes in that particular Italian clothing with brands such as Raffaele Caruso, Borrelli and Belvest has this fall brought in mark of the first season. Self is Bob very enthusiastic in the face of the brand.
-The Neapolitan cut with a natural silhouette has indeed been around for a long time, but with its style Boglioli has taken another step. They were the first that really took away everything except the bare essentials in the jacket and used washed fabrics to give a slightly use feel. Overall, it is a very innovative company, as was evident during the last Pitti Uomu trade fair where the Bogliolis booth had by far the best activity.They have grown very recent seasons. At the same time, it is a company that is very selective with where they exist. They just want to be on stores that truly understand their concept. Often not in more than 1-2 stores in major cities.
What is it in the silhouette that is so special?
-Above all it is the axis that on most models have no padding and is somewhat shorter than many are used to. The armholes are like the sleeves very narrow cut. Similarly, the length is slightly shorter but be exaggerated. Because many models have no inserts they are also very pliable and soft along the chest. This means that the materials are becoming more prominent. Cotton fabrics gives a slightly stiffer feel while feeling for ullkavajerna more like to wear a cardigan.
The style is very Italian, how do you think mark will be received in Sweden?
-It is clear that courage goes more towards Blazer and uddabyxor where the jacket must go to wear jeans as well as kostymbyxa. This natural yet very elegant style fits perfectly. At the same time, it is far from all who appreciate the body near the cut. But those who really understand will love it.
To which customer do you recommend garments?
Style fits many different body types, but especially something younger people. The fit is slightly too narrow for men with a little belly. This also applies to pants where size 50 meter 19 cm in foot width and advantageously carried something shorter.The narrow silhouette is also possible again in the more dressy part where the costumes uses a slightly more pronounced shoulder.