Body Attack: Spend Up to 800 Kcal per Class

Find here all the reasons why the Body Attack is considered to be one of the workouts are the most effective for those who want to obtain a elegant body, strong and toned.

Body Attack Spend Up to 800 Kcal per Class

Many are the people who have already joined the Body Attack, praising the benefits they enjoy with their practice. After all, there is any exercise that can combine cardio, strength and flexibility as effectively, helping to burn a considerable amount of calories in each class.

To get to know a little more about this workout, combining power with music as well animated, which promises a burn of about 800 calories per class, then let us introduce you a brief summary of their main characteristics. We hope you enjoy and be convinced to experience a fun and intense class of Body Attack.


The Body Attack is a program of workouts cardio, high intensity, run to the sound of songs and the powerful and energetic, which combines athletic movements cardio exercises of strength, stamina and stabilization. Here are the three dimensions involved in this exercise:

  • Cardio fitness: combination of movements, aerobic low, medium and high intensity;
  • Strength: uses his own body to enhance the strength, with exercises such as crunches and push-ups;
  • Fitness sports: combination of movements of power and agility, inspired on sports such as football, volleyball, basketball, tennis and racing.

The classes last about an hour and include a wide variety of exercises, which start off quite bland and are progressively becoming more intense, working the whole body.




  • Ensures a high burning calorie we speak of about 800 Kcal per lesson -helping in a possible process of slimming;
  • Tones and redefines your body;
  • Improves your physical form, and force;
  • Develops your agility, flexibility and coordination capacity;
  • Increases your strength and endurance.




  • Enhances the health and density of bones;
  • Increases the capacity of the heart and lungs, strengthening both bodies.




  • Are classes unapologetically fun and hectic;
  • The movements carried out are relatively simple by not requiring a motor coordination out-of-series;
  • Enabling the adaptation of the intensity, this workout can be carried out either by trained surfers, either by beginners;
  • Due to the combination of exercises of various intensities, the fatigue is not noticeable right at the beginning of the lesson;


  • To obtain good results, we suggest that you practice Body Attack, on average, three times per week, with a rest day in between each class;
  • If you are a beginner, start by doing the first five songs (one complete lesson is usually 11) and movements of lower intensity, gradually increasing the difficulty level and the amplitude of the movements as they feel more confident;
  • To cope with this intense activity, which requires high energy levels, adopt a balanced diet and drink plenty of water;
  • Bet still in clothing and footwear sports quality and appropriate to the exercise in question

Finally, it remains for us to recommend that, to begin the practice of Body Attack, respect your own limits: don’t try too hard more than actually can, since it can cause serious damage to your health. The ideal – and our recommendation – is always to consult a medical expert before taking in this new adventure. Good luck and good training!