Bo-High Winter 2016

Hello galera! How were weekend, took enough? Traveled, rested, ate many Easter eggs? Jeez good holiday, want to amend these Christmas! Wonderful idea, neh?! But the way is to face reality, so no more breeze back to the drum.  And we start the week (Hi, Tuesday!) with several news and an invitation to readers of our website coming launch 2014 Midwinter of BO. The collection, whose face the English supermodel Face Delevingne, is wonderful and full of “wish” created for women tuned in sets, modern and sophisticated. Among the trends for winter 2016, BO. BO brings a collection composed of very blue, green, animal print and embroidery. The way you love!
We are super fans of the brand and we are very happy for the invitation to check in first hand, the news that just arrived in BO. We enjoy the delight last night to register to you some suggestions of looks that will be available in the macaws of the store from tomorrow (23/04), during the launch of the cocktail dresses winter. So you can feel the “taste” of what’s out there at the station more fresh of the year! Hehehehehe!