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This one’s special recipe, left a super discovery I made by accident: blueberries hit with water and left to sleep turn Jell-o. This story I told here that another recipe.
And the dude was watching the versatility of this natural gelatin: with a little sugar is great in desserts, and beat only with water and then seasoned with oil and salt as I’ve done here, is a coringão for salads and other savory fillings. Hmmm can you imagine a soup that we finish with natural gelatine balls of blueberries, dissolving in the heat while we eat? Ideas is that there is no shortage.
In addition to the natural gelatin of blueberries this time done in pans of ice (got cute!!!), I added green, figs, red onion and the passes of blueberry, which I love and never misses here at home.
The emulsion I did with a champagne vinegar, very delicate, it’s perfect. But it is also great with balsamic, red wine vinegar and lemon. Use the one you like and what you have available.
-Ingredients – 2 servings

  • 150 g blueberries beaten with 1 cup of water and wrapped in tins of ice to form the natural Blueberry jelly.
  • 2 servings of Greens (I used Palm, lettuce, watercress and radiccio)
  • 2 figs
  • Red Onion 1/2
  • 3 spoons (soup) of Blueberry in the matter
  • 1 tablespoon champagne vinegar
  • 4 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • salt and black pepper to taste

-Make mode
Tears in eyes of cut onions
Start by cutting the onion: leave it to the middle and from the half slice make 2 cuts accompanying the buds then laminate.
Cut the figs into slices.
Prepare the emulsion: dissolve the salt in the vinegar and add the olive oil slowly beating endlessly until it forms a thick sauce and shiny.
(want to learn all about vinaigrettes and emulsions? have post here just about it!)
-Assembling the salad
The Assembly is very simple: start with the gelatin of Blueberry, drizzle each with olive oil and sprinkle of salt (I used this beautiful Hawaiian red salt to match!).
Arrange the fig buds and green leaves.
Harmonizes with …
Marina on vacation!
Marinit’s gave the thesis, packed and went on vacation with his family to London, and today’s meeting with the dear Maria and Bruno in ap dearest town. I’m so jealous. I confess. Desire to teleport. And just vingancinha, I decided to harmonise I post today instead of Bad. lol
To drink by Marcelo Pedro
This salad, super tasty, although light is quite complete. As input, as a first course. For being a salad with fruit, figs, mrtilo, in addition to the champagne vinegar, the harmonisation that comes to mind is for similarity. So, my suggestion is a sparkling wine made by the traditional method, or méthode champenoise, where the 2nd. fermentation occurs in the bottle. Is this second fermentation in the bottle is that it provides the natural gasification.
Sparkling wines are classified according to the amount of residual sugar. The driest are sparkling wines brut and extra brut, while the most sweets are the demi sec and doux To the salad, I prefer the dry, because the higher sugar content would be more appropriate to accompany a dessert with fruit.
As we wrote before, champagne can only be called if it is produced in the champagne region in France. Only 3 varieties of grapes are used in the champagne: Chardonnay, Pinot noir and Pinot meunier, with predominance of first. Unfortunately, the good champagnes are expensive.
But for our joy, sparkling wines produced in Brazil has a cost/benefit ratio very good. Many Brazilian sparkling produced by traditional champenoise method has been awarded with the world.
One of the producers that I appreciate the most is the Casa Valduga. It produces sparkling wine by the traditional method, only with grapes chardonnay and pinot noir. Are 3 lines, Traditional art, reserve and Gran Reserva which differ by the time of aging, ranging from 25 to 60, 12 months. Present presence, i.e., fine and persistent bubbles and scents and flavors far more complex the longer the time of aging.
And for those who think bubbly serves only as an aperitif, or to be served in cocktails, Let me tell you, in the region of champagne, sparkling wine can accompany meals. Is as complex as other fine wines.
Health, or votre santé!
-To hear, today by Leticia Massula
And harmonisation came printed on photos and even before them, was impregnated in the temper of the recipe.
While cutting in half an onion slice, with two cross sections, hummed to View you do not understand anything, the Caetano. It is true that it is a classic (in my head) for the Act of chopping onions, comes in time, as if someone would call a button. As well as Over and Over from Hot Chip’s classic dishwashers and Samba Adoniran make classic Italian polenta.
But is that you do not understand anything goes deeper, we enjoy the onion tears and makes an almost cathartic and really wants is to go off and play fire in this apartment.
Has several versions of this classic, many people have recorded (the Duet with Chico mending with Everyday thrills!), but this one is sensa, live from Lisbon with Caetano skinny and hairy!
For those who like me who cries with onions and really wants is running world and danger!
(but always want you to come with me!)

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