Blogs Suggestions and Womenswear Sites Most Played

Fashion blogs have become a fever in Brazil. The reason is simple: women here like to know what the famous dress, combinations and how not to make ugly street. If anyone knows a lot about it without having to ask you directly, why not access? And it is even legal. There are blogs with beauty product reviews, with looks of the day and informing the highs and lows of the major releases of the brands. Even if the items do not fit in your pocket, it’s worth taking a look to suit your gold digging more into account.
Many fashion blogs in Brazil are famous, but there are always 10 more. To better understand, a formula was created to achieve a result and in order of highest score, to determine the most visited fashion blogs. This formula takes the number of Twitter followers and adds to the fans numbers facebook, then that result is divided by Top BR Alexa rank times the Page Rank blog, the end result is the score the same.
10th Place – Lala Noleto
The texts are written by Marcela Noleto, former lawyer and therefore for professional purposes know how to dress well. 28 years old, it is one of the most sought bloggers from Brazil to write for the magazine Contigo. In fact the blog goes a bit beyond fashion, showing up to recent reviews of shopping blogger as your Samsung Galaxy and highlights photos. It has videos and interviews as well. Provides tips even trip!
9th Place – Blog Mariah
The writer is Mariah Bernardes, 27, graduated in fashion, married and blogs full time. It has more than 100,000 daily visits. If you love to know news from the world, this is a blog, with a personal touch that Mariah is traveling through Paris, for example, and recording what is legal. The page is stripped and high quality videos. Despite sponsorship on the page, the ads are not annoying.
8th Place – Lala Rudge
Made by two sisters, São Paulo, show the luxury fashion and even created their own brand of lingerie “La Belle Rouge”. The blog has over 140,000 visits per day. A sister speaks about fashion and trend, while the other loves decorating and style tips and day to day to be a good mother. All good and necessary for the modern woman read a single virtual page.
7th Place – break feminices
Bruna Tavares, a journalist, had ma column in the magazine Gloss and four years is already one of the leading blogs for inspiration for women, focusing on beauté, talks about nails, mouth, makeupand hair. While talking about fashion also one of the highlights of the blog is the same makeup and how to use your briefcase beauty with the right clothes.
6th Place – Diva Things
Three women command this blog: Marina, Sabrina and Thais, talking about fashion, cosmetics and beauty have earned him a partnership with ItGloss of April publisher. The coolest things Diva is launching follow trends even before they reach the stores, since the manufacturers send to girls items for reviewing. One of the highlights is the combination of nail decoration with makeup and show effects in very creative decorated nails.
5th Place – Just Lia
The blogger Lia Camargo is São Paulo, graduated in social communication and therefore their texts are clean and bright. It is also one of the first to talk about fashion blogs in Brazil and even with so much competition, continues strong combination giving tips for parties, showing trends in colors and models and even scenes of brilliant shows. The interaction is great with the writer and she does questions to read the coments and answer all whenever possible. It is a very visual page and so has many pictures in high quality, like any good fashion blog should be.
4th Place – Blog Thassia
The writer here is Thássia Neves, friendly mining, advertising and passionate about fashion and beauty. With more than 680 thousand followers in instagram and over 100 thousand accesses per day. Despite talk of fashion famous, your focus is on your same day combinations and how to use accessories that seemed extravagant to simple clothes home even. Worth watching combinations every day and learn a little.
3rd Place – After fifteen
The young Bruna Vieira created after doing 15 years. Today at age 19 has 07 employees to blog, she has written a book and has a column in the magazine Capricho. Even focusing on the universe teens and moved to fashion trends, but never leaving his texts with youthful touch side and releases for the teenagers of the major national brands.
2nd Place – Super Vain
Blogger Camila Coelho and owner of the blog is mine, but lives in the city of Boston, in the US and has over 1 million subscribers to your youtube channel and your instagram is among the top 10 most followed in Brazil. How lives the top side of the continent is closely following releases that should still take a while to get here.
1st Place – Girls stupid
The main author is Camila Coutinho, recife but hitchhiking Brazil covering all events with invitations to the brands. And what would a blog to share matters of fashion and beauty among friends, AllUnitConverters has become the biggest fashion blog in Brazil. In 2013 already was among the 05 most influential in the world. Many brands do not give up to send Camila their products to a legal review. It has since launching Milan to lipsticks and new glazes coming in gondolas in the same week, a full coverage for those who want to antennary in fashion and style.