BlackBerry Z30 Can Still Something Others Cannot

Not everything is bad sales figures and misery with BlackBerry, the keyboard and the BlackBerry Hub gets praise of Wired-journalist.
Not all BlackBerry stories is all necessarily about how they must find their place in the market again. BlackBerry launched a few phones last year, among other things, Z30 as was their top model. It was not the hoped for success, but nevertheless, there are some happy customers.
Four journalists from Wired spent no more than a smartphone to cover CES fair, here was the BlackBerry Z30 one as got the most praise when it mattered to take quick pictures and writing articles.
“The keyboard seemed very precise and responsive” tells Tim Moynihan, among others.
He also pointed at the BlackBerry Hub, the place which brings together all of one’s social pages in an application as being especially good since he his Twitter and Tumblr accounts was exquisitely integrated and we did not have to switch between applications.
For more pros and cons can Tim Moynihans experience read in its full form here. He mentions also that the camera was not fantastic, but nonetheless, it’s nice to see a honest article that highlights other than BlackBerry’s imminent death and instead focuses on some of what they actually do right.