BlackBerry Has Given up, Running Android in Latest Update

BlackBerry has tried it with its own operating system for smartphones, but, it seems that the future will use Android.
BlackBerry 10 was launched a year ago as RIM’s platform for smartphones. Now suggest much on that BlackBerry have dropped their own platform with the latest update and just use Android.
In a video, you can see the smart phone BlackBerry Z30 with latest update, Blackberry 10.2.1 where a user has been granted access to the system behind by installing Android launcheren Nova. BlackBerry 10.2.1 should run Android 4.2.2, so in other words, not the latest version.
A Launcher is an application that is set up on the existing and doing a new design with shortcuts to apps and settings.
Unfortunately, we cannot use apps with Nova launcheren, since app’sne only goes down. So so far, one cannot run normal Android apps, but must make do with the ones that are in the normal BlackBerry 10 system. The witnesses, however, about that BlackBerry has thrown in the towel and realize that if there is to be the apps that users demand, so it’s easier just to run Android.
Since the BlackBerry has always focused much on security and Android is often criticized for the lack of it, so is the new BlackBerry 10.2.1 nor a perfectly normal Android version since 10.2.1 has been trimmed well and truly which is probably also the reason why apps can’t start in Nova.
You can see a small video below, and if this is true, then it will be interesting to see if the BlackBerry can get new wind in the sails.
Is BlackBerry’s own version of Android the right way to go?