Black Tights 4x Otherwise

Tights-some women are already doing measles from mere words and childhood experiences they evoke unpleasant tingling sensation and limited mobility due to downed somewhere groin to the knee. Most women with them, but the problem is not, and most importantly – what winter skirt or dress?! Today will talk about black tights and their variants. Get inspired!

Prevail in your wardrobe rather skirt? Love you operate feminine pants and you feel such Something has to give? Or do you have a few favorite home sukýnek who likes to wear and whose ranks from time to time extend by one irresistible piece? Either way – it is important to complement the corresponding best tights in neutral black.They can act smart, cute and sexy, it depends on what you choose and what you mix it. We’ll show you the rest, which would in your drawer definitely not be missed!

Opaque – ideal for winter

Warm tights are most suited to the current season-cotton provide enough heat and protects your feet from freezing air. Beware of their color – sometimes black fade-and notice lumps and that the tights of this type normally form. What about them? You can create a retro look, dress, if they are simple skirt or dress áčkového cut in length to mid-thigh significant (eg orange) color or pattern skirt add a simple black turtleneck.
The elegant look created with casing skirt and black lacquered boating, then select the top in neutral white or beige color. You really chic with a wide skirt to her waist and clamped top. Put on these punčocháčům you high black boots, shoes, and in warmer days definitely reach for balerínkách! Play with color contrasts in retro style or choose a pitch-black elegance. Utilize it in many ways!