Bike Boarding Is Released on Weekdays on the Subway

At the request of the State Department of Transport, MetrôRio will allow, from this Monday (29/09), the boarding of bicycles on business days in the last wagon of each train, starting at 9pm.The service, with no additional cost to transit, aims to stimulate the use of sustainable alternative transportation.Access was already released on weekends and holidays, without restriction of schedules. The Secretariat’s intention is to expand integration with public transport and to create new routes for cyclists.
– Last year, we approved the release of full-time bicycle shipments on the boats and eliminated the additional fee charge. Now, in partnership with the MetrôRio concessionaire, we have developed a planning that will allow the access of the outdoor bikes to the system. As well as the expansion of specific routes, it is also essential to expand cycling infrastructure, through actions that allow and facilitate the flow of cyclists – explains the state Secretary of Transportation, Tatiana Carius.
The measure is an initiative of the Rio State of the Bike program, which develops educational and structural activities to stimulate the use of the bicycle as a means of transportation. The program acts in the implantation of adequate signaling and in the installation of bicicletários integrated to the modals. There are already more than 4,500 places close to stations of boats, trains and subway.