Best Sunglasses for Child

Sunglasses baby/child, it’s what inspires you? What is it? Of race? 54% of parents are only wear sunglasses for their children in the street *. Widely verifiable statistics by watching babies in their strollers or children to the Park. PHowever, they are as indispensable as the hat and sunscreen. Read the article to know everything and go buy beautiful glasses for your children to protect them.

Why do wear sunglasses to your children?

Up to 12 years, the lens of the children is not yet mature enough to filter UV. Without protection, the ultraviolet rays reach the retina of the eye and may be responsible for more or less severe damage: keratitis, inflammation, conjunctiva, early cataracts, cancers…
Before 1 year, 90% of UVA and more than 50% of the UVB are not filtered *. Do not expose baby directly to the Sun. From 1 to 12 years, the eyes of the children leave spend 60% of UVA and 25% of the UVB is 7 times more UV than the eyes of adults.
Babies must be protected by a good shelter covering to protect them from the direct sun and reverberation. Children who are sitting and who cavort, wear sunglasses and a hat. These are imperatives. Always pay attention to the reverberation and the clouds that let through UV.The Sun in the Park is also harmful that one by the sea, so protect your children on a daily basis as soon as there is the Sun.

Criteria of choice

The most important is to choose glasses that comply with the European regulations. They must therefore bear the CE marking and indicate the category of protection (between 0 and 4). Category 3 is recommended for sunglasses in common use, that is to say, those worn in the city, the park or the beach. Category 4 is reserved for the extreme conditions for water sports and mountain.
The ideal is to choose polycarbonate lenses. They offer better protection, are resistant to impacts and are very light. The glasses and the mount must be unbreakable. The mount must correspond to the morphology of your child and wrap his face so that it fits well and does not let through UV above and on the sides. It must also be flexible and light to not hurt him and not make him brand. For a baby who still has a nose and fragile ears, take glasses with headbands elastic to fit behind the head so that they do not hurt and do not fall.
To choose glasses adapted to your child’s face and the standards, go buy them from the optician with him and let him try. On the other hand, the opticians do not always have glasses suitable for babies under one year. After several inconclusive trials and three opticians, I bought the first sunglasses to my P’ little Lulu on the Internet.

A few tips to make him accept the glasses…

Before forcing your child to wear sunglasses, check that they do not interfere and do not hurt.Get him used to wear at the youngest age, this will become a reflex for him and for you. Wear glasses yourself, he’ll want to imitate you. If he’s big enough, let him choose his glasses at the optician. So bad if they aren’t your favorite color, the important thing is like them him to him.Flatter him whenever he wears them. Kids love to be told they are beautiful. Show them by doing a test in the sun sees it much better with that without. Even if it is small, well explain why he should wear them. If he resists, make it clear that in any case, wear glasses when there is sunlight it is also mandatory that hold hands in the street.
A 5 months, my P’ little Loulou was already wearing his glasses, even protected by the umbrella stroller. Despite the evidence that it was for us, we have taken a few taunts from the entourage. So, I’ve briefed daily family and nanny until the glasses became a reflex. I’m very painful when it comes to the health of my P’ little Loulou. He never tried to remove them until that day, on the beach, at 8 months. He spent 15 minutes to shoot his glasses and his dad the same time put them back by doing a monologue about the reasons to wear them. Result: Daddy won and since then, he never took his glasses. On the contrary, he wants them and wants to wear them even when there is no Sun!

My choice of sunglasses baby (0 to 14 months)

After coming back empty-handed from the optician, I bought on the Internet baby sunglasses Diabola of Ki and the who have excellent view of parents and comply with all standards. These glasses have received the Top Label of Consobaby (online reviews site), no. 1 in its category of products.
These glasses are adapted to the morphology of the babies from 0 to 18 months and to the development of the nasal edge because they are reversible. Around 9 months, we returned.There of a sense at the beginning that put them upside, but no! My P’ little Loulou however could not bring them up to 18 months to 15 months, they were too small. It is bigger than kids his age and his head too at the time.
These glasses are unbreakable, flexible, comfortable and ergonomic. They cover the eyes with a height of 3 cm glass perfectly. They do not put pressure on the temples, ears, and nose.Polycarbonate lenses provide maximum protection (category 4). They are composed of filters anti-UVA, UVB anti, anti-UV and blue light that reduces glare. The mount is one piece so that baby will clamp or swallow coins. Cord adjustable retention keeps glasses to baby’s head.They exist in different colors very tart or not. Finally, the price is top: € 24 for glasses of this quality is very reasonable!
My choice in 15 months
Ultra-satisfaite by my first choice, I am faithful to Ki and the. I bought thesunglasses Jokala adapted from 12 to 30 months. They have exactly the same characteristics that Diabola glasses but the size and look are different.The only problem: my P’ little Loulou hate them and that, since the first test in 15 months. He absolutely refuses to wear those glasses. The main reason for refusal is that iThere are still an elastic band. I tried to him without the headband but they fall.
The second reason for his refusal is that he had a crush on sunglasses Julbo he found at his nanny. He must prefer the surfer look look mini hipster… So, the closet my Jokala and on his nose his Julbo! The glasses were scratched so I made them change. But, in use, they crushed his ears and I have to constantly tighten. So I took my P’ little Lulu to the optician to choose another pair. He tried four pairs of different forms. The only one who married perfectly his face is thePinball of Cébé which is normally suitable for 3-5 years. Like what, you really test the goggles on your child before you invest. He chose the color, he loves them, and he’s happy to wear them.


It is essential to wear sunglasses to your children! It is also essential to make them wear a hat and put on sunscreen to protect them from the Sun. So, don’t not them forget and remind those who keep your child should never go out without his glasses when there is sunlight!
What brand you selected to your children’s sunglasses? Do you have tips to make your children agree to wear? Tell me everything below to inspire other moms!