Best Men's Jewelry Designer

One of the few pieces of jewelry that men should possess is the cufflink. With this accessory can man stylish shine and prove individuality. Here the most important trends and advice about cufflinks.
Cufflinks are next to watch and wedding ring is the only jewel that should carry a man in the office. Depending on the position may cufflinks discreet or fail exclusive. At work wearing cufflinks is mostly in traditional sectors or elevated positions adequately and here is the motto: Dear underdressed than overdressed. Do not wear flashier cufflinks as your manager. Noble metal cufflinks in simple, square shape and with teilsatinierter surface are the ideal complement to office shirt with double cuffs . The trend also oval cufflinks are a precious gemstone.

The fashion industry is excluded from such rules, there is: “Anything goes”. In no case, however, you should wear cufflinks with witty or whimsical designs. Professionals agree that cufflinks on the remaining accessories such as belts, watch and tie off. The basic rule here: DC and a feather flock together. Combine silver with silver, but never gold and silver, so no gold watch with silver cufflinks.
For cufflinks you need special shirts with the so-called French cuffs. These are then closed instead of a conventional button with the jewelery adhere cufflink.
The prices depend on the material. Particularly exclusive cufflinks are made of precious metals and possibly provided with a gemstone use. In the 18th century it went so far that one sided cufflinks with portraits of close family members. Affordable and trendy models are now designed from gold or silver metal.
For festive occasions with dress code of the elegant tuxedo is often topped with the finest cufflinks. Action hero and heartthrob James Bond knows this style to appreciate. In many films he wearing tuxedo and cuff links. Here you can play with a bit more confident occur, for example in dress shirt with exquisite cufflinks in nice shape and made ​​of high quality precious metals such as yellow gold, white gold, platinum or silver and with semi-precious stones. An eye-catcher are also cufflinks in classical form or nodes with pearl insert.
But not only men wear today cufflinks, there are also classic and very feminine models for women. A real highlight is the cufflink from mink with rhinestone.
Since today rarely Cufflinks are worn, contact with this accessory automatically from the crowd and prove style and individuality.