Best Ice Machine – Opinions and Prices

In this guide we provide useful tips on how to choose the best ice machine for your needs and offer opinions on models on the market.
There are two types of buyers for which the machine for ice cubes is an absolutely necessary. In the first case we are talking about restaurant owners or baristas, in second, however, these are real fans of appliances, wanting to have the ice so fast. We are talking about, in particular, to holders of Blast chillers for home use and futuristic kitchens, as well as incredibly equipped. In both cases, you have to take into account some features, techniques and aesthetics, for being able to juggle the various models available. Let’s start, though, with the figure out exactly what we’re talking about.
What are Ice Machines
The ice machine as described in useful appliance is usually made with a compact design and is composed of an efficient refrigeration system with two bowls, one containing water which must be frozen, the other has the task of collecting ice.
Usually, when we are faced with professional machines, these are located in the back of the refrigerator cases bars and pubs. Generally, then, are fastened directly to the water mains.
The cubes can be of various types and forms, full, empty and shaped nuggets. But you can also create flakes or reduce the ice pellets. In addition, some machines also offer the ability to choose the size you want.
How to Choose Ice Machine
After explaining are ice machines, we analyze the main differences between models on the market, so you understand how to choose the suitable one for our needs.
Currently we find three different types of appliances on the market. For all the most common and easy to find is the freestanding. Follow, then, those flush and those from stock. The choice must be made on the basis of the space and location the appliance should be positioned, surely the one freestanding is the most comfortable home.
We seek to better understand the difference between a professional and a machine designed for home use. Everything is based, of course, in production capacity. The latter are able to produce about a dozen ice cubes in ten minutes, while the professional ones manage to produce more than 20 kg of ice in 24 hours.
Before designing the purchase of a machine for ice cubes, it is important to know what you want to do, because, in addition to the benefits it can bring you always have ice at its disposal, it is impossible not to take account of an important issue like energy consumption. Consumption are not excessive, unless you decide to use the appliance continuously, 24 hours a day.
Clarity on this particular, start by highlighting some key elements on which to base their choices, like the shape of cubes products, the materials they are constructed appliances and the various costs. Many products on the market, for example, offer the possibility to produce uniquely shaped to fit any type of glass and they don’t stick together. This prevents that the drink comes out when it is poured. Other manufacturers have chosen to produce the ice in its natural form. In this way you have a product much easier to use and with a higher moisture content. As for the ice granules, instead, it is used for buffets and markets to prevent food deterioration. The choice must be made according to those needs.
Before buying an ice machine, it is absolutely important to check the materials with which it was built. This means they have used materials suitable for contact with food and odorless. So, a good product that meets all the requirements is made of stainless steel, because this will make it more easily cleanable. Be careful, though. Before you buy any ice machine, always check that there is a CE mark.
The ice machine requires periodical cleaning, of course, the Council is to choose a model that is easy to remove, so that you can wash the Bowl when needed.
Noise is another item to be evaluated.
There are no appliances of this type completely silent, but you should still prefer a device that doesn’t make too much noise when in operation.
Of course the size, speed and the amount of produced ice cubes are other features that affect the price and which must be evaluated.

Pricing Ice Machines

With regard to prices, these are rather variable. In fact it starts from a minimum of 100 euro you spend up to get to 1000 euros. Of course, if you have the need to buy a machine for professional use, it is always recommended to apply directly to manufacturers. These will undertake to send a consultant to evaluate all the details.
Saw the great competition and also producing large enough of these appliances, it is also possible to buy on the second hand market. The Council, however, is to prefer always a new product, saw that performance and durability is different. Also, buying an ice machine new, you can take advantage of discounts and promotions, in addition to be able to receive free care for some time.

Best Ice Machines

One of the best selling models Glace-88B, particularly suitable for Klarstein is being used for small events. Can be easily installed in the kitchen, since it takes up little space. In economic terms requires the cost 100 euros to produce content in 24 hours about 15 kg of ice cubes, the size of which can be made in different sizes thanks to three buttons. Also, like all products of this type, this model, in addition to the CE mark, presents the TÜV-GS.
With 150 euro, instead, it is possible to buy the ice maker Clatronic EWB 3526, indicated especially for camping and the Office, with a water tank that has a capacity of 2.2 liters. Turns out to be a device very easy to use and easy to clean.
Going up in price in a band between 250 and 300 euros, you can buy an ice machine Rosenstein and Sohne. His tank can hold 800 grams of ice, which is a required quantity especially in summer. Has an output of 130W, while also allowing you to save energy without sacrificing the pleasure of enjoying a cold drink.
Finally, for those in need of professional services, the Klarstein is the one for you, since it provides a template with 380W of power. The stainless steel structure also features a compartment for storing the cubes and refresh your own drinks. All for the cost of 700 euros.
Ice machines available on the market are many, following the directions proposed in this guide you can find the best one for your needs quickly and easily.