Best Graduated Compression Stockings

Today’s lifestyle is increasingly characterized by a sedentary lifestyle, stay standing, lack of physical movement. This can lead to circulatory slowdowns, swelling, heaviness and risk of varicose veins. But there is, in pharmacy, a valuable remedy.
If, as they say, man has the age of his arteries, the woman shows one of her legs, or rather, one of his veins. But this is not merely a question of age: the beauty of a woman is also linked to the charm of her legs. This tool of subtle seduction that women have with regard to man can also be a source of dissatisfaction, when for example the legs deviate too much from a model considered ideal.
Even if varicose veins are not a pathology to be interpreted only by women, women suffer more, one out of three or four, against one in ten for men.
According to a recent statistic English, over the past 10 years, the number of interventions on varicose veins is doubled; possibly due to a lifestyle of Western society: diet low in fiber, lack of bike, stay long standing or sitting, not surprisingly, suffer the most are the shop assistants and waiters, barbers and the mannequins, the habit of wearing tight clothes and shoes. Beside this there is pregnancy, which can promote the development of these disorders.
Women are more susceptible to present varicose veins, since their connective tissue is softer, probably because, if they match the gravid uterus push and having to loosen during childbirth the ligaments of the pelvis, it’s good to have a particular softness of fabrics.
But let’s see what the varicose disease: If we measure the pressure of a column of liquid in a vertical tube, the same is greatest at the base of the tube and decreases as you progress upwards. If a rigid tube replace a hose strap (as are our veins) due to the hydrostatic pressure, this will tend to expand at the bottom. Just what happens in the veins that, for insufficient elasticity of the walls and valves, you wither and dilate under the weight of the column of blood. As a result, to try to normalize this deformation, one must oppose adequate pressure containing pipe dilated (varicose vein), under the conditions of a straight pipe (normal vein).
A physical law of hemodynamics says that by decreasing the diameter of a vase, proportionally increases the speed of the liquid flowing into it. The compression applied outside on a lower limb, leads not only to normal vein, but speeds up the flow of the blood flowing inside, with a decided improvement in circulation and even varicose disease symptoms. It’s good though that either the doctor, after a special visit, to determine what type of stocking or elastic band to be taken.
Remember another physical principle: the venous circulation goes against the laws of gravity, since it must carry the blood from the bottom up. For this nature provides two primary mechanisms: the contraction of the calf when walking and the support of the foot that causes a squeezing of a sort of venous pressure pump that acts as a sole on the venous circulation, which some call “second heart”. Who’s really standing, who’s very sitting (especially by car), who backs hurt his foot because it is flat, or transverse plane, or is obesity, makes little valid this pump device, and then undergoes a venous stasis, a stagnation of venous blood in the lower legs, which is the prelude to the emergence of varicose veins and other complications.
For this, specialists suggest to do at least two hours a day of walking, not to remain seated with legs dangling (in your home or Office, by train and on public transport, drive), to rise up frequently on the ends, in the case of activities involving prolonged standing station, or to rest often with legs elevated for at least ten minutes. And, potentially, to sleep with your feet lifted a few centimeters above the level of the heart. Keep an eye on the weight, because the excess weight brings that nasty Plantar support which, as we have seen, is impeding the venous circulation.
Back to external remedy, elastic stocking, the principle of elastic compression has a key role in the prevention and treatment of varicose veins. Should be maximum compression at the ankle, where the greater the damage and where you experience especially pigmentations, Dermatitis, ulcers, and gradually decreasing in the region of the knee to the thigh.
Compression is measured in mmHg, while DEN, deniers, are the unit of measurement that determines the thickness of yarn used to manufacture. The value of the compression is thus independent of the thickness of the yarn, but is determined by the amount and type of plot.
The basic parameters of elastic stockings are: compression value in mmHg at the ankle, gradualness of the compression, biestendibilità (longitudinal and transverse), type of yarn used and its quantity, on and off. With regard to the gradual nature of the compression, the values must be degressive according to precise physiological proportion: 100 percent to 70 percent below the knee, ankle, 40 percent to the thigh.
Compression stockings are divided into two distinct categories on Payhelpcenter: preventive graduated compression stockings, and those with graduated compression. The former have a graduated less than 20 mmHg, with aesthetic characteristics as lightness and transparency, that the stabbing cannot provide.
Often on the market you can find the following types of graduated compression stockings
20 DEN -repose (6 mmHg) in the classical model
40 DEN – lightweight (8 mmHG) in the following models: Classic, opaque, velvety and nude pregnant woman
70 DEN – medium (10 mmHg) in the following models: sheer, classic, classic opaque, nude and pregnant type; also available as stocking
140 DEN -forte (15 mmHg) in the following models: sheer, opaque tights and stockings.
They have well defined parameters, according to the standards required, and can boast an ankle, declared an actual compression graduated compression, good finishing, fashionable colors, excellent aesthetic result and so on.
It is known that the soft feel of a fabric is proportional to the number of the flashes that make up the yarn. In the new fabrics offered this value can be up to six times that of a traditional yarn. Compression stockings with graduated compression exert a continuous action of micr omassaggio che, favorendo the natural blood flow, give well-being and lightness to the legs. And when blood circulation is optimal whole body between benefit.
And for those who need to not only support stockings but also other forms that give control you can find also differentiated containment tops for men and women available in various models, girdles, belts and postpartum girdles, men wear referred to as processing AIDS in the treatment of varicose veins, bandages for the treatment of varicose veins and where is requested a strong compression thermal and compression, as well as accessories, from belts with differentiated stretch knee pads, post surgery, thermal bands bands four seasons, elastic ankle support that give control and adjustable elastic cuffs.