Best Game for Toddlers

And grata is the main occupation of the child from preschool. Through it he gets to know the world around him and is preparing for its future activities. Learn to perform roles and to comply with rules.
The child likes to imitate adults and portrays their various images. No girl who is not secretly dress the most beautiful dress of her mother, not to rig with its jewelry and not a game of “Lady.” No boy who, armed with their guns toy has not played the hero-winner from fairy tales or movies.

When a child plays, it lives in its own wonderful and exciting world. This world is not detached from the real-the game child reflect it in their own way a little sparse, but true detail. So do not be surprised if you hear him talking on the phone toy with your tone and your words. Or if you see him imitate your way of welcoming guests into her doll house
Moreover, the game is a great tool for finding friends. Although the child may couplet to play with imaginary partner is always more fun when you have a merry company.
The game is not an obligation and is not necessarily related to the achievement of a result-child’s play for the pleasure of the game. On top of that, it is useful-helps his physical growth, the development of observation and attention, thinking and imagination, memory and will, creativity and intellect.
Think about this the next time your child answer your question “What are you doing?” With “game.” Maybe there is something to learn from the children’s game.
This article is courtesy of Olga Ivanova Georgieva-author, excerpts from the book “My child goes to kindergarten,” Publishing House “TARA”