Best Fitting Plus Size Underwear

When we are all in curves, it is not necessarily easy to find the right lingerie.

Is it really necessary to pay the price for round for woman lingerie?

Lingerie for round woman: beware of too bargains

It often pay the price for the quality and we can not all afford it.

Best Fitting Plus Size Underwear

Yet it must also be wary of lingerie at low prices, which of poor quality, offers a less good support and does not long ago! It usually invest in quality lingerie that will last for years!
Whether you wear bras with or without reinforcement, whether you need a model for breastfeeding , if you have a really tight budget, there are some shops that offer the lingerie for woman round affordable . But the best is still to wait for the sales to find bargains and take advantage of discounts to afford the round woman lingerie that will take time and especially to his office by offering good support, which is essential when you have a generous bust !

Monitor The Quality of Materials

When you have curves, it is generally appreciated that keeps us well panties and a bra do his office. Offer lingerie low price is often a trap because we are left with a panty that relaxes after a few washes or no bra at all suited to the weight of our chest!
In short, a reasonable price but the final unnecessarily spent money!

The key to Find Your Size

It must still know, that few bass panties manufacturers or average range to offer the very large size. Indeed, it is rather the specialty shops like HOTICLE offering plus size panties with stockings up to 58 or even 60 and bigwigs .
Feel free to browse our comparative large size lingerie stores to find your happiness.

How to Choose Lingerie For His Wife Round?

Did you know that many women do not wear a bra size? A bra whose straps keep falling even tighter maximum is probably too big! It is the same if the rear tends to go too in the back.
By cons, if your breasts tend to spill is that it is obviously too small and the effect under clothing is far from harmonious.

Know Your Size Bra

Step 1: Measure your back round
Place your measuring tape flat and horizontally just below your chest and walk around your bust. Note this measurement and add 5 cm.
Ex: Your turn back = 109 cm.
109 + 5 = 114 cm.
Your back round reference height is 115.
Step 2: Measure your depth cap
To allow measurement at the fair, be sure to wear a bra that does not crush your chest.
Place your tape measure flat and go around your chest at the height of the nipples. You get your chest in cm. Note this measurement and subtract it your back round reference size.Then divide that result by 3. Convert this figure by letter of the alphabet (ie A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, D = 4, E = 5 …)
Eg. Your back round reference height 115 cm and chest circumference 134 cm
134-115 19 =
19/3 = 6.33
Your cap is between the F and G
Your bra size is between 115 F and 115 G in French size.
We hope our tips have helped you find lingerie for women round that suits you. Do you have other tips, other good places? Share them!