Best Bottles for Water

Drinking “pure water”, pleasant to taste, improves our well-being on a daily basis.

  • Why is “pure water” so important?

Our body is composed of 70% water and 99% of our molecules are water, according to transporthint. It is inconsistent to drink sodas and arrange to have fresh, organic, nutrient-rich products!
The water must go in and out of the cell, bringing all its qualities, evacuating the toxins, to maintain the acid-base balance (2).
Drink 30 ml per day per kilogram of ideal weight to avoid dehydration and health concerns (3).

  • How to be sure to drink a “pure water”, without pollutants?

Tap water is said to be “drinkable” according to standards.
Some residues of aluminum, heavy metals, nitrates, nitrites, drugs, hormones and pesticides, nanoparticles, etc. are sometimes found.
What about the “cocktail” effect, combination of pollutants between them (2)? In Bottled Water, analyzes reveal the presence of endocrine disruptors and 60 Million Consumers are also found traces of médicaments. Boire purified water without
viruses or bacteria, of course. Eauriginelle eliminates 99% of all residues by reverse osmosis.

  • Eauriginelle, is it a classic reverse osmosis?

Yes, this system is the most powerful, proven by space flights and submarines (NSF standard).
No, reverse osmosis alone destroys the minerality.
Eauriginelle completes the filtration with lithothamne with its essential and biocompatible trace elements (2) (3).
Eauriginelle adds protection from harmful electromagnetic waves, boosts with an exclusive vortexer and restructures water with rock crystal.

  • Osmosis and remineralization, how can one say that Eauriginelle offers the best quality of water?

The analyzes according to the Bio Électronique Vincent show its qualities by classifying it “perfect” (6).

  • Is Eauriginelle accessible to everyone?

The system installs under sink with a minimum of space by certified technicians who install and maintain all over France.
Our customers are 100% satisfied with our proximity and our responsiveness.
To taste, come and meet us at the regular fairs throughout France, Belgium (6).
With Eauriginelle, to drink at will, to rinse your bios vegetables, to cook, to bring a bottle of glass or a gourd with oneself are natural gestures for the benefits of health and economy for the whole family!
Depreciation in one year for 4 people by removing the bottles! ?