Best Bike Lights

In the following, I’m doing a cycling Test from the product Sigma lighting set Lightster K-set. This is available from Amazon and has a price of 36.80 euros including free delivery. During the test, I’m going up on different aspects, such as for example the luminous intensity, the accessories, the price and installation. Finally, there is a conclusion, whether one should the bicycle lighting set to buy , or not.

The brand

SIGMA is a company that was founded in 1981 and has the priorities of pulse monitor, bike lights and bike computers. The company is active in sales worldwide and allows no product from the warehouse before not a intensive cycling (Test) was carried out by the output control. The brand is not included in the cycling test, because the product is one. Still she an influence on the rating, as some brands have special features in the design, delivery, etc., which are then evaluated.


The Fahrradbeleuchtungs K-set Lightster presents itself with a beautiful design. Especially the front light was in the modern style run. The backlight CUBERIDER II is original and functional . In the Fahrradbeleuchtungs test of 4 out of 5 stars


The set can be quickly installed and easy handling. The front lamp for standard handlebars and Overzielenker is due (up to 32 mm changes reserved). The lamps can be pull off the theft . The already charged batteries can be inserted without tools located in the corresponding compartment. Charging using the supplied battery charger. In the Fahrradbeleuchtungs test there 4.5 of 5 stars.

Function / scope of delivery

  1. Bicycle lamp Lightster with 4 AA battery – up to 20 lux – about 15 hours of burn time up to 30 metre beam distance – 2 step display of Akkusladzustandes
  2. CUBERIDER II taillight with 2 AAA batteries – 5 LEDs – up to 50 hours burning time – up to100 metres visibility – appearance up to 220 °
  3. The battery charger

Price: €36.80 including shipping rating 5 out of 5 stars
As you can see one needs no accessories such as batteries, etc. set to buy this bike lights. The luminous intensity is twice as high as the STVZO (10Lux) calls. The long burn time allows a long use without charging the batteries in normal use. As to timely warn of the battery, you have to drive not suddenly in the dark. Also the bike back-lighting offers your services. With 50 hours burn time is even less to recharge. Because there is not only front and back on the road, lit this rear light 220° from the circuit. In other words, it is seen in all directions, as the front light casts its rays in addition forward. Of delivery and functionality results in 4 out of 5 stars.


The light is equipped with a K number by the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt. This means that they comply with technical de StVZO match. Battery-powered lamps may be used only for road bikes (vllt. also mountain bikes) with a weight of less than 11kg or as additional to the Dynamo lighting system be used. This set can be used well on the way to work/school, can be used also for longer distances on pavement and on the flat terrain. You have only rarely due to the slow discharge to charge the batteries. Here, this set Gets 3.5 out of 5 stars in the cycling test.


These bike lights for wheels in concludes with 4.2 stars. This fits almost exactly to the review on Amazon. I recommend this set to buy, as it has proved for over 2 years in the product segment of Amazon and performs relatively well for a very reasonable price.
If you want to buy a rear light individually, you look at this Fahrradbeleuchtungs Test. Matching front bike lights is also available in the test.