Berluti Men's Collection

Today we look closely at one of the newer premium players in the market. French Berluti has for decades been closely associated with some of the world’s most exclusive shoes.Models of many closest to be considered works of art. Since the autumn of 2012, the company has seriously stepped into the clothing industry and launches into our her fifth collection.Although we usually live by the motto-“Shoemaker stick to your read”, so we can’t help but see a serious commitment in Berlutis exclusive choice of fabric, elegant silhouettes and tailored details.

Berluti is owned by the conglomerate LVMH and the ceo of the company is none other than the heir, Antoine Arnault. Together with Berlutis Creative Director Alessandro Sartori, he has started a trip that hopefully will place Berlutis menswear in the same living room furniture that their shoes have been part of for many years.
In addition to the company’s clothing, they have begun to focus on a customized service that includes nearly 25 different garments with everything from topcoats to chinos. In order to achieve the highest quality of this service recently bought Berluti up the little Studio Arnys in France which supply a crafts of the highest quality.
The ambition is that the company’s bespoke service in the future shall be at the rate of nearly 10% of the business.
When it comes to our collection, there are several red threads one can see. Part bright almost washed tones of linen combined with the white pants in the available interpretations but also elegant evening clothes in Burgundy, dark blue and purple tones of thin wool. Blazer-and byxsilhuetten are short and slender with a tailored feel and breathes luxury both in cutting material.
The collection is obviously styled with its fantastic hand-painted bags and shoes.
Berluti is sold not currently on Swedish soil, so if you want to look at clothes, shoes or accessories, we recommend a weekend break to Paris and the company’s flagship store at 26 Rue Marbeuf, a stone’s throw from the Champs-Élysées.