Belen Rodriguez Wedding Dress

The butterfly of Belen Rodriguez tattooed groin continues to cause controversy, after turning on the minds yesterday, now is the showgirl Argentina to have its say! Belen admits that he exaggerated, but to have realized only as he descended the stairs to get on the stage Um … can you believe it? Possible that the seductive slit in the dress was not noticed before? Belen wore the suits Fausto Puglisi on other occasions, but this was just too much! See Iamaccepted for maternity wedding dress.
Belen Rodriguez was interviewed by Republic regarding this matter “pant or pant on stage” and said: “I am the woman of provocations, I like contrasts. The first evening I presented myself as a princess, with her ​​hair and the black dress, the second I exaggerated. I did, as you say… the enchantress.
But there were panties. ” The showgirl Argentinian added: “I knew
But there were panties. ” The showgirl Argentinian added: “I knew that the gap was over the top, down the stairs, I realized that it was hard, though nobody told me ‘put this dress so let the listening peak’. I chose. But the slip there! “. In fact the question gap was also fueled by the fact that Belen did everything to get it out, do not want to be sour, partly because to me Belen like as a character, certainly has exasperated some ‘the situation, right? All women know that keeping your legs closed even the most dramatic gap is not shown in its full potential, if I may say so! I think the question is another, needed a diversion to distract attention from Celentano, and who better than a beautiful woman with a gap provocative, he could remove the chestnuts from the fire to Morandi & Co.? Coincidentally now all speak of Belen and butterfly, mica Celentano! What do you think?