Beauty Trends for Summer

Summer 2013 – make trends
We are still far from the summer arrival, but the most desirable trends of heat station are already giving the talk. As for female beauty for spring/summer 2013, the parades of fashion weeks have been launched all bets. Let’s check?
Summer is the hot season, of joy and with it, color. In makeup this manifests itself in very clear and accessible way to all women. Just as it has been in winter, in summer the highlight promises to be with his lips, that in 2013 enter the fashion painted pink color.
The skin for the summer may appear quite simple, without much detail, only illuminator caprichado. Mas, if you like a visual more “healthy” and quite powerful, You can use and abuse the blushes brownish. They thin the face and give an appearance of “mulherão”.
In the eye makeup is also very simple. The eyeshadows appear very brown tones, ensuring the depth of the eyes, leaving the look expressive May, but without too much load the visual. To give even May highlight the eyes is worth betting on pearl pencil on the waterline and mask for eyelashes alongadora.
Since the lips are many options, ranging from nude to the strong and vibrant roses. The purple and bubblegum pink tones back with everything in 2013 and also gain place the orange red, the cherries and magenta type roses.