Beauty Magazine Summer Time By Pierre Fabre

We are in full summer season. Summer, Sun, time to relax, take a swim with family and friends, have fun, Sun… All of this tends to alter our routines and this affects the State of our skin and our hair.

It should pay particular attention to sunscreen to avoid to the extent possible the harm it causes in our cells.

Today I show you the products of this box of beauty that the laboratories Pierre Fabre. As you are going to see, it contains products for protection from the Sun and sublimate our beauty.

First of all I am going to talk about Avene 50 + spf emulsion. You’ve seen this product I name both on the blog and in my social network. It’s a very light emulsion, easy absorption, resistant to water and with a broad spectrum of protection against the Sun’s rays.

This is the third container of this summer and that we are using it on a daily basis the family. He is very respectful with the skin, does not produce comedones, is not sticky, is dermatologically tested to minimize the risk of allergies and is also very resistant to the gua and sweat.

Free of parabens and alcohol. Fotoestable.

I like your dispenser, find it very comfortable, very practical and very hygienic, above all when you go to the beach, the sand gets everywhere.

I repeat, no doubt. I’m not surprised that it was one of the award-winning products in the Awards iDermo14, deserves it.
For the face, in this little box of beauty, comes a sample tiny of a sunscreen with SPF 50 and reinforced against skin aging. Galenic and with a 5ml sample of little I can tell you of it.

I have found it highly moisturizing, is absorbed very well by the skin, smells delicious and although it is not the bright skin, if that leaves it with a bright halo.

I can’t tell you if I repeat or not repeat because I have not tested enough product to give me an idea of how it works with my skin.

Following the line of sunscreens, I speak now of the dry monoi oil of Eucerin. This is another product that already knew and use since time immemorial. I adore its aroma, its texture, its finish.

This oil spray leaves the foot moisturized, fragrant, juicy, bright and without feeling fat.I love to apply it after the shower as a moisturizer. You know that I am a big fan of oils dry, because I took them in the bag of the pool and go from there showered, moisturised and without losing a minute.

It contains some protection, because their SPF 15. It is not high, quite the contrary, but as I use it as a moisturizer and not as a sunscreen, it seems to me that this 15 is an extra.

Another product which I repeat, I have no doubt either, because already I have been doing it a long time ago.

Water micelle A-Derma Sensifluid is the ideal complement for the cleansing of the face. Recommended for sensitive skins, this micellar water, remove the residues of our face in a gentle way.

It gives me a whiff as a rose water and contains Witch Hazel, and oats.

After clean your face with this product, leaves a slightly sticky feeling for my taste, because it gives me the feeling that makes like a little bit of foam… I prefer to rinse it with water.

I liked, but at the moment I am using another water micelle and I do not think that you going to buy this.

To end such stains that often are caused by the Sun, Ducray proposes its light cream Melascreen. It contains vitamin C and Niacinamide.

This cream promises to unify the tone of the face, give luminosity, put an end to the irregular pigmentation and lighten dark spots.

It has a very light texture and very easy to work and be absorbed by the skin. Leave the face with how dusty finish.

I love their green tea scent… is cool and so nice!

Possibly that I shall repeat with this product, because a container do not consider to be sufficient treatment. This type of action, require long term to notice results

Now we are going with hygiene. First of all, I speak of a cleansing gel purifying face, ideal for combination skin fats. The sample was a packet of 5ml and has given to me to use it 3 times. The feeling on the skin was clean. After use, in my case a good moisturizer was essential because they let me the skin with a feeling of tightness.

Not comprare this product, because not it suits the needs of my skin since I usually have the rather dry even if at this time you have more fat. But for those who have mixed skin, think it is a good product that is worth trying.
Tiras is a shampoo use frequent, ideal to alternate with other shampoos for treatment.Cleanses and balances the scalp. It leaves it hydrated and clean it in a gentle and respectful. It regulates sebum secretion. My husband has spent it and already have bought it, because he liked him.
Its price is around 14 euros and quite rife.

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