Beauty Blender for Mineral Makeup

What is the Beauty Blender and how is it used? The Beauty Blender is a sponge shaped egg, used in backstage to apply liquid foundation and powder, or illuminating concealers, then slipping on the skin for an ultra natural effect. Thanks its soft ultra comfortable texture, perfectly adapted to the contours of the face and delicate as a caress each side, in fact, is not the same, but has a different function, able to change the application of make-up from home. The result? A more even-toned, radiant and smooth for hours.

How it is made the Beauty Blender

It is made of a patented material that does not contain latex, so it’s good for those who are allergic to this substance, and touch is very soft, almost like velvet. Has strong power of water absorption, so that when wet doubles its size, and thanks to these features hydrophilic the product that we want to apply it does not penetrate into the sponge, in fact, tends to remain on the surface so it uses less and He manages to distribute in a homogeneous and uniform, without streaks on the skin.

Come si usa la Beauty Blender

The best formula to better use the Beauty Blender is to wet it, wring it and dab it.
Wet the Beauty Blender, by soaking it in water until it doubles in volume and squeeze it gently to make it into all its cells until you feel it has absorbed all the water possible. Then wring out the excess water, until it be alone wet (you can help yourself with a towel).
When wet and squeezed the sponge is ready for applying make-up. You can choose whether to apply for example the foundation directly onto the sponge or the back of the hand and pick a little at a time. The movement to do is very simple: quickly pat on the face giving to sponge a slight twisting motion, so the foundation to penetrate well into the skin and will merge with it in a natural way, hiding the big small skin imperfections.
Use the same motion to apply the powder (powder compact), bronzer and blush. The bronzer, for example, apply using the sponge on the side of the tip, drawing a kind of dark line on the cheek and then all the soft dabbing with the base. With the tips you can also apply the enlightening and the concealer in the area under and around the eyes, while the blush apply it with the base, above the cheekbones for a more natural effect.

How do you clean the Beauty Blender

The beauty blender should be washed after each application, but it is a very fast process. You can use any detergent or soap, preferably mild, the important thing is that it does not contain glycolic acid or salicylic acid, which has exfoliating action and thus ruin the material of which is composed of the sponge.
Put it under running water, apply a bit ‘of detergent and gently scrub between your fingers to loosen makeup and rinse well. Finally, squeeze to remove water-access and let it dry in the open air, not put it back in the box or in a sealed envelope when it is wet because otherwise germs and bacteria can proliferate.

How much and where to buy the Beauty Blender

In Italy the Beauty Blender one can buy in perfumery Sephora or the official online site.