Battlefield 1 Inspired Outfits

Inspiration can be found at every corner. Whether it be a walk through the old town, talking to a good friend or even gambling in the evening to get a little bit of everyday life. You can find inspiration everywhere, I am firmly convinced. That’s why I’ve been inspired by the Battlefield 1 game and would like to show you that the outfits from the years 1914 to 1918 still work today in 2017.

Battlefield 1 Inspired Outfits

Clearly, these must be adjusted a little. Because today’s style is no longer the same as the one from the First World War, because at this time Battlefield 1 is settled. The 1 in the name also deliberately refers to the First World War and not to the part of the series. In October 2016, Battlefield 1 was released for both PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and was one of the most successful games in the world.
This month, to be exact on 28 March, is now the first of four major extensions: “They Shall Not Pass”. Alongside France, the expansion will bring many new functions, maps and challenges. For further information, please visit the official blog or website of Battlefield 1.

Clothes At The Time Of The First World War

The outbreak of the First World War in 1914 brought the activities of the fashion world to a halt. This happened above all for practical reasons and from sheer distress. As in the case of food supply, the entire range of clothing and textiles was also subject to the war economy. Say, all resources were confiscated for the military. Due to the scarcity of resources, a new, puristic modesty emerged which was to be maintained even after the war.

Hosiery, Shirt And Cotton Trousers…

Clothing that worked was at the time of the First World War and is therefore also reflected in Battlefield 1 realistic. Nevertheless, they can also convince themselves of their style. Because it does not always have to be the unusual suit or the T-shirt with conspicuous pressure on the front, in order to draw attention to itself. Just simple, minimalistic outfits know to convince in everyday life.
Therefore, my first outfit, inspired by Battlefield 1, is based on a classic: pants, shirt and cotton pants… In the modern version of 2017, I decided for a simple, plain colored shirt in a bright blue tone.This comes down to the essentials therefore reduces and falls to a maximum by its button-down collar. This is carried on a chino.
The classic cotton trousers of the modern era, with a material combination of 98% cotton and 2% elastane, fulfill almost 100% of the demands placed on them. In color, the beige chino works wonderfully with the light blue top. The trousers are held by a brace carrier, which comes in a light beige/brown color and partially takes up the color of the trousers.
You can wear the braces in combination with a belt or alone. With this outfit I have decided for the variant without belt. Of course, sneakers would fit wonderfully to chino and shirt, but since we would like to convert the idea or the inspiration from Battlefield 1 completely, there is a pair of dark brown boots.
This gives a natural contrast and the look has three main colors: blue, beige and brown all in all very harmonious. Accessoires were at that time rather scarce. If at all one had these only at the man, if you fulfilled a purpose. Like a pocket watch.
Below you will find the dresses of this outfit reviewed by gradphysics. For a stale pocket watch I recommend the visit of a flea market, there you should surely find.

Leather Jacket And Long Sleeves

The leather jacket was an often-seen garment in the First World War.Depending on the weather and the place combined with a sweater, shirt or long sleeve as well as jeans or cotton trousers, you had a simple, working outfit. The traces of the time left by her patina on her leather jacket made her a special piece.
A leather jacket is a must-have for me in a man’s wardrobe. With classic colors such as brown or black you can do nothing here and have a piece of clothing always at hand, which can be worn to the shirt, as well as T-shirt or long-sleeved. It does not matter whether it is suit suits or rough boots.
For this outfit, I chose a cognac leather jacket, which is not quite as gloomy as the black alternative. In my opinion, this harmonizes with both the design and the color better with the dark jeans. This puts on a straightleg cut, does not carry too much and makes a comfortable impression.
Under the leatherjacke I have decided for a simple longsleeve, the outfit from Battlefield 1 should come closest. On closer inspection, it is noticeable that the leather jacket in the game and probably also had a large V-neck-like style, you can hardly find this in current models. Here, a classic stand-up collar is increasingly used.
To match the rugged, casual look, I chose a pair of lace-up shoes, which, in my opinion, fit perfectly into the outfit. They offer a good hold and fit in color to the jacket and form a contrast to the dark pants. The individual pieces of this look I have subsequently integrated. A dark brown belt would be a good addition to this outfit.

Short Coat And Knitted Cap

Greenery is considered the trend color in 2017. But already in Battlefield 1 green was fully in the trend. Not necessarily so fresh but rather faded and darker, but green is somewhere green. For the last outfit, which is inspired by the game and thus the First World War, the color green plays a decisive role.
The heart of the look is in my opinion the short coat in a dark olive.I like this particular minimalistic style, which is underlined by the restrained collar. In the case of other coats, these are more extensive and are always combined with a hood or similar. But it does not have to be.
Underneath, a knitted sweater is worn, which is very restrained in terms of color and additionally has a warming function. The coat itself is not thick. In combination with the sweater, however, you get a warm, multi-layered look, which also looks very stylish. On the head, it is not too cool thanks to the color-matching knitted hat.
A simple, black chino with a straight cut is worn to coat and knit sweater. In addition a pair of black boots, which fit wonderfully to the pants and complete the outfit. Who would like to decide for a black leather belt? If you want to bring the outfit a little more after 2017, then a black weekender is the right weekend for the weekend.All the pieces are listed below.

Battlefield 1 Inspired Outfits-A Conclusion

For me, it was something new, inspired by a game outfits to compile and to bring from the times of the First World War into the present.It has been shown that what has already worked 100 years ago, is still sustainable in 2017. At least, if you change it slightly and adapt to today’s style. Personally, I’m sure I could convince you that you can find inspiration everywhere, right?