Basic Fashion Rules for Guys

Fashion Basics in 5 steps: These tips can be Coco Chanel’s thinking about men ( “A man can wear what he wants-it remains just an accessory of the woman.”) Act antediluvian and show how man with these simple rules fashionable a sovereign Standing proves without ostentation and durchgestyled. So-now what makes stylish men?

1. You Create Not Pedantic Clothes Cope.

For more style spontaneity: No man wants you look him that he spent three hours before closet and his outfit meticulously planned down to the smallest detail. therefore Cool guys combine trendy looks with casual shrug and stand with their nonchalance attitude towards a very deliberate trend chasing.
Uncomplicated mix-and-match basics relaxed adds any outfit added an extra portion of permeability and produces relaxed crossover looks.
Although the ridge to Hobo is narrow-rather snotty Freestyle as to Wanted Over Styling: Men like James Dean or Johnny Depp are not in vain with its distinctive audacity for pure masculinity!

2. Groom

Wild, adventurous men are indeed sexy, but no woman wants to have a waldschratigen Rübezahl.Although one does not have to follow the metrosexual path and Cristiano Ronaldo-moderate ironed swing the pouch, however, should take care of his personal hygiene, so that the female sex is not beaten by crumbly scales ungestutzten claws or unpleasant body odor in the escape.

3. Take quality and fit seriously.

Suit up! Barney Stinson raises the bar with his suit craze that tolerates up to Suitjama no imperfection, perhaps a bit too high, but proves that clothes make the man (and men were in suits for women fetish).But even outside of the suit-world should sit perfectly garments because one centimeter more or less at the shoulder area can be crucial for a toughes, serious demeanor.
Even if the price is not always decisive for the quality, it is often worthwhile to engage in certain parts somewhat deeper into their pockets, as material and cuts are often voiced and durable in the higher price segment.

4. Do not Splurge.

Chi Chi, Bling Bling and Tam Tam? Please do not. We advocate more Understanding styling and recommend quality instead of quantity. By Fashionable canaries Markenschildchen Fetish serve at most as a billboard, unobtrusive coolness and sophisticated lifestyle, however provide an eye-catcher, no loud yelling “Here!”:
A fine watch or a chic belt values ​​in no time to clean outfits that obtained by high quality finishing touches.

5. Pay Attention To Clever Footwear .

Whether one principle rather sneakers, boots or moccasins is – how to dress, is an individual decision.Nevertheless, should a certain basic stock of shoes exist, so depending on the occasion and their mood can be switched inside:
In a well-stocked shoe cabinet at least two pairs of elegant leather and as many recreational models include (for example, sneakers, desert boots or moccasins).
Here again the primacy of quality: A good high quality materials and the appropriate maintenance are essential if you want to send negative signals. Special note on sneakers fans: Please ventilate the shoes well and at times also use Febreze-nobody likes Schweißfußindianer whose apartment thanks to pre-moldy cheese Mauken smells Puma cage!