Bankappen Lunar Way Equipped with Intelligent Chat Bots

Den danske bank solution for mobile, Lunar Way, rearms with Facebook chat robots. Ask just about your balance, and immediately serves the answer for you.
The Danish banking app, Lunar Way, which will make it up with the existing banks ‘ approach to mobile banking apps by exclusively only to bet on a feature-rich mobile app, now introduces robots via Facebook’s Messenger app.
Artificial intelligence and smart robots that can do twice as much work for us in half the time is here to stay. Facebook was quick to bet on the field by allowing third-party developers to deploy robots directly in the Messenger.
The option has Danish Lunar Way hurled themselves over, so you can make banking -check balance, salary or previous transfers-in a whole new way as you with guarantee has never tried before. Instead of having to navigate around in the dedicated Lunar Way-app for either Android or iOS, you can now simply open Messenger and ask questions, which you possess.
Ask just after ‘what’s my balance?’, ‘consumption on Joe & The Juice “or” How do I block my card?’, and instantly you will get answers from Facebook-the robot, which through the Lunar Ways support platform can scour the answers in the app’s many information.
“We want to make it easy, effortless and contemporary for our users to handle their money. Our use of Facebook’s chat-bot is another step in that direction, and we will constantly update our banking solution with digital features, which fits into a daily routine, where more and more be done via your phone, “ says founder and CEO, Ken Villum K.

How to use the robots with Lunar Way

The new approach is still available only for the part of the Lunar Ways users who are beta testers – something to which one can apply for by contact. The procedure is here, to you inside the Messenger to search for Lunar Way Bot, after which you must connect the Lunar Way with your Facebook account, so that it can find the answers for you.
Then it is just to write the bot, which automatically comes loose with the answers to you – if it so can understand what you are asking about.