Balance of Body and Mind

Contrary to popular opinion and the popular belief that the mind is not the absolute master of the body, such as the Christian scientists and others, and the body is not the absolute master of the mind, as they say the modern coaches who concentrate their efforts only in the development of muscles in the body.
A sound mind who “inhabits” a sick body (50% of balance) is like a house that has a good roof, but it was built on a plot of sand.
A healthy body that “hosts” a sick mind (50% of balance) is like a house with a solid background of rock, but with a ceiling of paper.
A healthy mind in a healthy body (100% of balance) is like a house built with copper roof on a solid stone structure House.
Finally, a sick mind who “inhabits” a sick body (0% of balance) is like a house built with paper on a ceiling land of sand.
This information shows us that neither the mind nor the body are supreme, that is, one cannot be subordinated to the other.
The ancient Greeks probably knew better than anyone the true meaning of balance between body and mind. They believed that the soul, itself, is intrinsically linked to the physical functions and mental manifestations of the human body. They understand fully that the closer the body the State of physical perfection, closer to mind would be perfection.
The perfect balance between body and mind is that quality of civilized man who not only gives him superiority in relation to wild or to the animal Kingdom, but also provides you with all the physical and mental powers which are indispensable to the achievement of the goal of human-health and happiness.
A good physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness. This good physical shape means the obtaining and maintenance of a uniformly developed body with a sound mind, fully capable of performing natural, easy and satisfactorily our numerous and varied daily tasks, with spontaneity and pleasure. To reach the highest achievements within our capabilities at all times of life, we must constantly strive to acquire strong and healthy bodies and develop our minds to the limit of our ability. This progress very fast world, where people are always running out of time to meet the demands of life, forces us to be always well conditioned and tuned, for success in competitive race without end.
It’s arguable that the proper solution for our current diseases may be just the recognition that the normal development of body and mind is possible by placing the body from the mind or vice versa, but recognizing the mental functions and physical limitations, so that the complete coordination between them can be conquered.
Both need to be coordinated to achieve the maximum results with minimum expenditure of mental and physical energy, and also so that we can live as long as possible with a normal health and enjoying the benefits of a productive and happy life.