Award-winning Search Gives Prizes for Those Who Make Search

Imagine you are looking for a good restaurant in your city and suddenly is awarded airline tickets to New York. Or, you want to find electronics stores near you and win a brand new iPad sheet. This is what promises to make the Search Rewarded, site searches that regional debut in Brazil in the second half of February.
The Search Rewarded will be a tool of regional searches, which lists products and services located in the region, neighborhood or even street user. The creators of the Award-Winning Search claim that more than 10 million Brazilian companies are already registered on the site, a number that is increasing every day.
It works like this: after a totally free registration, the user can search to find various types of products and services such as graphics, computer shops, car rental companies, electricians, dentists, hotels and even bakeries, for example. At any time while you are doing searches, the user can be awarded * with appliances, smartphones, tablets, and for the lucky ones, cars.
The forecast Premiada Search is to distribute R $ 60,000 in prizes in the first month of operation. In the three months after launch, the expectation is that the service reaches 100,000 registered users. The money of the awards comes from the companies listed in the Award-Winning Search, who can afford to appear on best viewing places in search results or buy ads.
The Award-Winning Search will debut in the second half of February, but you can make a record in to be notified as soon as the news is released. Good luck!
Important: the draw of prizes follows the rules of the portal and the prizes will be drawn only to registered users and logged at the time of the search.