Autumn Lipsticks

After the top three autumn nail polishes, we just stay with the theme of autumn.

Autumn Lipsticks
This has finally just begun. After I raked you in the last round of the golden autumn, it is slowly becoming uncomfortable. The rainfall and little daylight also belong to the autumn. How nice that you can defy the dreary weather with some color. Berry tones, bright red, warm green, mustard yellow…the autumn colors, which are inspired by nature, make the mood a lot better. Whether it’s clothes, nail polish or…lipsticks!
So we have the new top 3 themes discussed on microedu: autumn lipsticks! I
was quite curious to see which three lipsticks I
had chosen last year, but look: in autumn
last year I just devoted two themes and left the lipsticks simply
. Therefore today starts with a day delay the new Top 3
blog parade with the theme autumn lip sticks and I am already very
excited, which three copies this autumn especially favors you!

Artdeco Color Lip Shine 67 “Shiny Classic Rose”

The Artdeco Color Lip Shine in the color “Shiny Classic Rose” has a beautiful shine with low opacity. It makes the lips look more fresh and well-groomed. I find the wearing feeling very pleasant by the gel texture, because it glides very well over the lips without being too slippery. In addition, the lips feel much more cultivated and just in the autumn a little more care can not hurt. A nice everyday lipstick that I always grab when it needs to go fast in the morning and I want an uncomplicated lipstick with a touch of color.

Chanel Rouge Coco 05 “Mademoiselle”

To one of my favorite lip pins I came by chance. Through a coupon from a magazine suddenly a sample of the Rouge Coco “Mademoiselle” lipstick of Chanel was in my possession. This was not around until I had tried the lipstick once. And from there it had happened to me! Order, opacity and durability could convince me in addition to the pretty color (Beutschema!). I have already bought the lipstick in original size, since my sample is soon exhausted. Nevertheless, I came out very long with the sample. Chanel has done this very cleverly and I was certainly not the only one, which after the sample size the original added The beautiful Rosenholzton fits very well to the autumn, nevertheless I wear the lipstick all year long.

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Rd514 “Dragon”

A Rotton was also missing in my Top 3 autumn lip sticks and there I remembered the beautifulShiseido Perfect Rouge lipstick “Dragon” in the hands. A rich, cool and bluish red. Intensive colors require an exact application and best the use of a lipliner, but the bluish red makes the teeth look whiter.  It feels very pleasant on the lips and is also totally odorless and tasteless.



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