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Achadões Of The Week: Special Jeans

When we spoke of camel (my favorite tone of this winter), we did a post from Achadões one piece dedicated to the theme. Therefore, as in I did find post on the trend of the total jeans, I thought it would be a good again and do a whole Achadões jeans! Let’s go? I loved thisjogger pants of C & A. The jogger model has a sport footprint that I love, the jeans give a casual touch soft and super comfortable and middle leaves stained pants with a new guy. Continue reading Achadões Of The Week: Special Jeans

Cell Phone Case Captures Solar Energy and Charges Batteries

Phones, Smart phones, Iphones and Blackbarry are everywhere, they have become as essential as oxygen to people working like these phones, helping them to stay connected in this globalized world.  This has caused dozens of companies to look for reliable portable power generation solutions to ensure full-function handsets. Continue reading Cell Phone Case Captures Solar Energy and Charges Batteries

Clothesbrush of Scooter Jackets

Neither the visual appearance, nor the longevity of the clothing is optimized with the typical 08/15 treatment. Even those who wear their suits, jackets and even shirts in professional cleaning, spend money on it, and do nothing else, is not the most efficient. Rather, this is often unnecessary and even bad for the tissue-less of it is often more. For a bit you should also hand yourself. Continue reading Clothesbrush of Scooter Jackets

Mwc: Alcatel Watch, a Smart Watch without Android Wear

Alcatel, a French company that produces some not-so-expensive smartphones, has brought one of its latest products to MWC. Going headlong into the world of wearable devices, the Alcatel One Touch Watch bets on its own operating system and low price, which talks with both Android and iOS. Continue reading Mwc: Alcatel Watch, a Smart Watch without Android Wear

Jewelry Making by Bulgari and Ferragamo

Ferragamo and Bulgari make common cause.

For the first time, the two giants of the fashion world unite to bring a common jewelry line on the market. So you wanted at Ferragamo opens a new customer base and “extend the offer”, said Ferruccio Ferragamo, President of the label, which is so far known for its shoes, bags and clothing.

Continue reading Jewelry Making by Bulgari and Ferragamo

Exams Your Baby Must Do

What Exams Does the Baby Need to Do?

When the baby is born it is necessary that the same one does several different exams, but the moms, most of the first trip end up not knowing which Exams the baby needs to do and to clarify these doubts we came to bring some information.First let’s understand what the main ones are, even though some changes have been made in recent times and new exams have been added. Continue reading Exams Your Baby Must Do

How to Avoid 5 Most Common Smart phone Issues

Smart phones were a major breakthrough in cell phone usage. With a technology that allows connections, constant access to the Internet, these devices have changed people’s lifestyles and today it is impossible to go to a restaurant or public transport and not see the most diverse types of individuals attentive to their devices.  However, all this advancement comes at a price and it is not uncommon for them to present common and extremely annoying defects to their owners. Whether it is due to physical problems or malfunctions of the mobile operating system, it is commonplace to see someone almost losing their head with some failure that the device presents. Want to find out what are the most feared defects of smart phone addicts? Check the text below: Continue reading How to Avoid 5 Most Common Smart phone Issues

Jewelry in Winter Design

Well, somehow the winter is still waiting.There was no real white Christmas for us in Flachland either.Too bad.But the winter is surely already on his mission, as the past years have shown.And since we usually like to adapt our accessories to the season and certain events, we now have to create jewelery in a wintry design.So really nice with snowflakes and in bright colors.Told done, here our suggestions. Continue reading Jewelry in Winter Design

Fashion Advice for Curvy Figures

Every body has his clothes that highlight the shapes and hide physical flaws. There are bosses who make dietary spells but only tricks to appear at its best. This guide will provide tips for curvy women, curvy girls!

Are increasingly fashion brands who are dedicated to clothing for sizes over 46 but maybe this still is not enough. Sure, it’s comforting to know that if you are a bit more “curvy” you can still make a seat d shopping at

Continue reading Fashion Advice for Curvy Figures

Five Great Smart phone Options with Removable Battery

For many smart phone users, the removable battery is a deciding factor when choosing a model. Unfortunately, the amount of handsets with this item is getting smaller. But we selected five good devices with this feature, for all tastes and pockets.

  • Fixed or removable: what type of battery do you prefer?
  • 6 errors that can damage your smart phone’s battery

Continue reading Five Great Smart phone Options with Removable Battery

Makeup for Black-Photos, Tips, Footsteps

Makeup Photos and Models for black

The black skin combines with various shades of makeup, but not always people know how to combine and what to wear, and thinking about it we decided to bring some models of Makeup to black to serve as a base, because through the models women can choose what to wear and the colors that work best, so check out the tips. Continue reading Makeup for Black-Photos, Tips, Footsteps