Auriculotherapy: What Is It and What Are the Benefits

The auriculotherapy is an alternative therapy increasingly in vogue in our country. In this article we will tell you how it works and what are its benefits.

What is Auriculotherapy

The auriculotherapy, as the name indicates, is a therapy or a treatment made from the ear.

Our ears have hundreds of points that, when stimulated, have the ability to produce well-being, relief of pain is located, a feeling of relaxation and balance of body.


The auriculotherapy is a complement to traditional medicine. As the ear is a zone of the human body with a lot of irrigation, the existing points on the ears, to be stimulated, conetam the central nervous system, allowing the treatment of several problems.

Through the vessels and channels are located in the ear, this ancient technique treats various problems from migraines, insomnia, promotes the relief of pain and treats, also, issues of psychological conditions, such as anxiety and depression.

The auriculotherapy, in addition to the problems indicated, also has good results in treatments for obesityand treatment of dependencies, as is the case with tobacco.

Since it is a therapeutic technique, auriculotherapy is a complementary treatment to patients with diagnoses proven by traditional medicine.


The auriculotherapy promotes benefits on the physical level and the psychological.

The main benefit of auriculotherapy is the speed and efficiency with which the patient feels improvement, and there are even cases that note the effectiveness of treatments for just the first time that makes.

In addition, the auriculotherapy allows the patient to make their treatment comfortable, without the use of chemicals, which often cause dependency, in addition to which often does not even treat the root of the problem and only prolong it, since masking the pain. This is the case, for example, analgesics.