ASUS T100 Review: Discretion and Unsightly All-in-One Solution

ASUS T100 transformer Book does it all-but this is not all that ends well.
Asus has for some years stood out on PC market with their elegant Zenbook portable. Asus has also helped to define the hybrid notebook where you not only make do with a touch screen, but the screen can be removed from the keyboard and used as normal tablets.
The types of hybrids call Asus to “transformer Book”. ASUS T100 is one of the small with a size of only 10.1 “and a fair price at 3300kr. It sounds like something we’ve heard before, a netbook, however, now as a hybrid.
Similar horror story “Netbook”
Once you promises Asus transformer Book T100 are designed out of the box is actually fine, even though it clearly is plastic. But for a 3300.0-kr netbook feels not cheap plastic and collect the quality is also in order.
T100 is thick compared to other 10-inch laptop, but it can be a compromise many will accept for having both netbook and tablet. That goes for not many moments from it is taken into use before forehead sweat evaporates and the hairs settles in the neck. ASUS transformer Book T100 is much better than the awful netbooks from 2010, where bad screens and slow hardware joked.
Not Bambi on thin ice

When booting up brands you to Intel’s Atom Asus’en Bay Trail Cpus is something completely different than in 2010, yes actually just the Atom Cpus from the beginning of 2013. The same might be said about Windows 7 vs Windows 8 when sitting with a laptop on only 2 GB ram. Windows 8 will run almost like a fairy tale.
The screen resolution is only at 1368 x 768, but apps and websites appear neat and sharp because T100 has an IPS display with good viewing angles.
Although the T100 is a little thick, weighs only slightly more than a kilogram overall and it is highly respectable. ASUS T100 doing so up with the past unpleasant netbooks, and with that said, I’ll continue with T100s abilities as portable.
A dwarf on 10 inch
In any adventure meets the hero always challenges. The keys are quite small and it complicates play in Word and requires some getting used to if you are used to the full keyboard size. As with the keys, then the touchpad not very big, but for the most part it works ok, however, is scrolling with two fingers slightly difficult.
Do you have an external screen and keyboard so it facilitates workflow and compared to a NOK 10,000 ultraportable, is there no visible speed difference by plain Microsoft Office-use and netsurfen. If you want to use heavier applications like Adobe Photoshop, an ultraportable armed with an Intel Core i5 is experienced to be ca. 2-3 times faster, and the 2 GB RAM will squint to everything else a basic image processing.
T100 has a low-power cpu and it shall be marked on the battery life. Under ordinary use, Office, web, and little game, you can look forward to at least 8 hours of battery life and low brightness you can get even longer operating time.
Which netbook makes Asus T100 it so excellently.
Let’s see how it goes when we remove the keyboard.
ASUS T100 never gets into a beautiful swan as tablet
Actual tablet is with its 550 g slightly heavier than an iPad Air but on par with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.
I’m not a big fan of taking pictures with a tablet, but this tablet has certainly not possibility. There is only one camera and it is facing forward and is thus primarily for e.g. Skype. Camera quality is not good, to say the least. In just a little poor lighting will be the image turbid.
The speakers are located on the back, right there where it is most natural to me to keep, but in spite of this, here are impressed with good speakers and ample sound.
Windows Marketplace is not for the hip
On the software side meetings T100 also some challenges, of which Windows has Asus tablet and one primary challenge: apps. For them, there is not quite as many as we could wish for, however, many of the big ones.
Many popular apps and games like Bitstrip, Snap chat and Bad Piggies are available for iOS and Android, but is missing from Windows Marketplace and they are also not as browser variant. The apps we miss, are often those who have become popular, but which first arrives at Windows Marketplace in second or third place.
But then it is often too late if you want to be hip with the hip. Most problematic is that many apps are slow to start up. Once the program is started, finally is designed, however, often elegant and the app runs fluently.
In the desktop portion of Windows 8 notice quickly that many programs are not designed for touch and it makes the buttons being too small and therefore easy to hit the wrong one.
When it is full and not Windows RT, there are a number of things which promises the experience. For Windows and Steam can be for example install dedicated PC game Civilization V that are not available for iPad/Android and it might win some hearts. With T100 you must, however, in the various app stores instead of just Google Play or the App store and it makes the experience less elegant.
The shortcomings of Windows Marketplace slides down easier, however, when on the other hand, are rewarded with a free Microsoft Office 2013 package.
Find Block his path to the Princess?
One thing that is incredibly delicious by Windows 8 tablet operating system, which is that one can run multiple things at the same time. So while you’re doing something seriously on one side of the screen, you may run the cats videos from YouTube on the other hand. You get full Office suite in the bargain and pulls T100 some big pluses home, because together with SkyDrive it works frighteningly well.
If you choose to use the T100 as portable as Klods Hans, it ends happily. Which tablet is more near the girl, since lack of Tinder and slow app startup make it hard to love the T100.
So whether you choose Klods Hans or a more elegant solution, it is up to you and your needs.
Which Netbook:
+ good performance
+ low weight
+ IPS display
+ Battery life
+ speakers
+ Office package included
-keyboard/touchpad is not in full size.
A total of 5 out of 6 stars if you primarily netbook user.
As Tablet:
+ Windows provide true multitasking
+ Office package included
+ IPS display
+ speakers
-Lack of apps
-low resolution
-Bad camera
-Metro/Desktop is not always a sex solution
As tablet gets only 3 of 6 stars, but you’re not the app’s junkie reminder we are closer to 4/6.