Assorted Felt Flowers Crafts

The craft is again on the rise. Many people are investing in pieces made by hand to ensure originality and make a difference in looks and even home decoration. According to ejinhua, the flowers made in felt are very useful in the craft , because they serve to give a special touch in several pieces, like pillows, purses, key chains and, since we’re in the mood, they may also accompany the balls on the Christmas tree. See the step by step and learn how to do alone:
To Make The Flowers You Will Need:
Colored felt;
Line and sewing needle;
Beads, Bugle beads, buttons and sequins to decorate.
You can use the templates ready to cut your felt flowers the color that you want.
Cut all the formats you want, in various sizes and colors. Combine positioning layers on top of each other to design the flower. Then just sew them doing the famous point behind. If desired, you can use to fill the cotton flowers, for this need to always two equal sides. Sew and let one piece free to put the cotton after just close.
After you sew you can add some embellishments such as beads, buttons and sequins. If you want to use the flowers to decorate Christmas tree bet on colors that match the mood, such as green and red.
Buy chains with links to key ring and sew the flowers. Is a great choice of souvenir to please her friends this Christmas.