Ashley Weston Fashion

Ashley Weston works with actors like Harrison Ford, Vince Vaughn and Jon Hamm
By Sheila Marikar, The New York Times
Not long ago, I met Ashley Weston. She was fast, back and forth, on the eighth floor suite of the London West Hollywood, putting pins and making folds in an Eggplant color suit of Zegna.
Rami Malek, star of the television drama Mr. Robot, who needed clothes for the feast of the GQ man of the year and the award of the Gotham Awards, seemed a little stunned.
“What do you want to try first?”
“What do you want to Experiment,” he says.
“Whatever you think is best. You’re the boss “, repeats, humble.
“You want to try the third suit?”
“Of course.”
“She knows how the clothes are in me and what I like; is a good combination, “said Malek.
This is the Ashley effect: its customers wear what she suggests without complaint. And almost all are male. With a clientele that includes Harrison Ford, Jon Hamm, Liev Schreiber (pictured below), Paul Dano, Rob Lowe, Darren Criss and other celebrities that never appear in the list of the most malvestidos, the stylist of 28 years is one of the few Hollywood professionals who works almost exclusively with men.
– I always say: ‘ think of me as an extension of your brain. Basically I’m just a little more refined, more clean. Know the subject, that is, it is as if I eliminated the pain you have to choose what to wear ‘.
And they appreciate that almost maternal care.
-She listens and always know what represents me as a person. Has incredible energy and an infectious personality that always is reflected in everything he does-Tyler account Oakley, the YouTube star Ashley wore to the Grammy ceremony (pictured below) and the Teen Choice Awards.
His work also drew the attention of male fashion, Ashley attended the Brooks Brothers advertising campaign with such actors as Geoffrey Arend and Matt McGorry.
-She is young and exuberant, but, at the same time, has a lot of respect for tradition and the work of tailoring. Makes sure that the gentleman who works be impeccable and that the fit is perfect, especially on the question of the length of the trousers and the shoulder width-comments Arthur Wayne, world Vice President of public relations of Brooks Brothers.
During childhood, Ashley I wearing stars. Born in Southern California, studied psychology and pedagogy at the University of California in Los Angeles – and as part of the master’s degree, spent a year teaching math to high school in Compton, although it was always confused with the students.
-It’s funny finish doing 22 years and think you look 15-says with coquettish air that resembles that of a cheerleader.
But she soon realized that teaching wasn’t exactly your beach. After a few months of training course in various marketing companies, advertising agencies and talent scout, met Mitchell Nguyen McCormack who, at the time, was the Creative Director of DestinAsian Media Group, dressing and photograph actors for Asian magazines. Ended up closing because of Vietnamese descent and the desire to work in the creative sector, despite the family’s requirements.
She spent two years with McCormack before assuming the post of full-time stylist, in 2012. At first, he worked with men and women, but after an actress impossible to please wanted her to postpone the trip family vacations to Hawaii to find a dress to the premiere of a movie, Ashley decided to work only with them.
-Men don’t want to be trying on clothes. Rely on the opinions of others. And if there is any doubt, just I hit the Cilia-plays.
It also helps the fact she incorporate male items in your own visual. For our lunch at the Soho House in West Hollywood, she appeared wearing a Turtleneck Sweater Tommy Hilfiger in a showroom while looking for parts for customers.
– Always. Navy, black, comfortable shoes because I’m too, but with a nice visual. If I appear sloppy, my customers won’t trust me. I’m a sample of their audience. Female fan club representative says.
His company, made up of four people, has a homey air. Your manager is the boyfriend of five years, Dorian Innes, who affectionately refers to “namorente”. Although the awards season is the most troubled period, Ashley works in press conferences and previews the entire year; Sometimes it takes more personal projects, such as when he renewed wardrobe of Vince Vaughn (pictured above), at the beginning of the year.
-It was a job that lasted two, three days. I don’t even know how many 501 jeans threw it away. He was wearing things that the aged-reveals.
Although men are, by nature, less demanding, she encourages them to find her at any time, especially if they are about to leave and she is not present to give the latest “hot”.
-Always make a point of saying that I’m on the phone all the time. Just give me a call. Makes my life when they appear well groomed – explains, adding that always asks them to send him clothes that use selfies. Meanwhile, she remains extremely selective about people you work with.
-Turns and moves a client asks if I would dress his wife or his girlfriend. Refuse in the most delicate possible. Work well with men’s clothing. And with men – concludes.