Aristocrat Chic

Preppystilen has dominated the spring. The dream of the perfect Ralph Laurenstilen has received a jeans country to start to dress in chinos and jackets of seersucker. Unfortunately the effect when a style is becoming too widespread that it inhibits rather than inspires. As a counterbalance to the tillknäppta needed, therefore a new fashion ideal. An ideal that provides space for continental elegance, where materials become the basic element.
Prevailing fashion ideals with chinos, button-down shirt and light-colored sneakers are not in any way a bad combination. On the contrary, this is a simple and stylish attire that line most people. Unfortunately, as with all styles as they become all too common that they lose their momentum and becomes instead a standard uniform for all with decent contemporary ties. Fashion needs, as everyone knows, different style directions to get really interesting. Therefore, today’s modern preppyideal release on the reins to make way for a smaller uncommunicative and naturally more elegant style. A subtly luxurious style with room for playfulness.
What does style aristocratic chic? The chic style is best described by chicrandolph as controlled decadence. There are clear hints of safari, although this style is more urban in his appearance. At the same time it is nowhere near as glamorous and gaudy as jetsetstilen. The epitome of the carrier has been a solid academic course, but is far from tweedekiperad Stiff Upper Lipp. His interest in literature and art permeates the entire style, which is characterized by casually wrapped scarf around his neck and the selected frames. Arcs that can easily be mistaken to be selected on the basis of nerd rage. However, there is no irony in the choice of glasses, without the person wears proudly its sköldpaddsmönstrade arches solely for aesthetic reasons. They take place is to demonstrate a colorful personality, do not hide an interest in computer games and questionable internet habits.
The basic element of the style is the scarf, which mainly are of cashmere or at all for warm weather linen. Otherwise, the clothes tailored by a clean and simple design. Functional materials is like swearing in Church, and in addition possibly glasses are plastic in any form completely unthinkable. The skosidan is a little stiff. brogues Rather then a slim leather shoe from Santoni or classic ökenkängör in suede. Possibly a few stylish sandals. But then is also an off-white suit on the body.
Jeff Goldblum as Captain Hennessey in Wes Anderson’s Life Aquatic has understood the style well.