Archos 101 Platinum, Analysis

Archos has launched this month a new generation of its Platinum Series Android tablets, and we wanted to analyze to the greatest family, the 101-Platinum.
It’s a tablet with processor Rockchip’s four cores and 2 GB of RAM, that combines plastic materials and aluminum in its casing to give an original and eye-catching touch to your design. And all this with a very good quality screen.

Design and materials

I admit I had my doubts about whether that tone metallic housing part was actually aluminum. Taps do not sound to metal, and the touch does not differ too much white plastic edges and part of the back. But the touch temp difference between both zones ditch the question.
In the front is a generous white frame of rounded corners, the Chamber and the brand logo. The back leaves the limelight to aluminum, shared in the top band of white plastic framing camera. Aluminum does not get too hot during use, a difference of as the usual.
The edges are made of plastic and have a small step that, although eases the grip, it was not me comfortable and I think that you accumulate dirt during more prolonged use.

Archos 101 Platinum, Analysis 1
The screen is a Panel IPS, so you won’t have problems viewing angle. In terms of lighting shorts made for use outdoors, which I think in a 10-inch tablet is not something serious, since they are primarily designed for use in home.
Its resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels with ratio 16:9 Pan offer a 149ppi, sufficient density, but that doesn’t stand out. It detects up to five simultaneous pressure points.

Archos 101 Platinum, Analysis 2
All connectors and buttons are located on the same side. The physical buttons are made in the same white plastic from the edge, leaving something camouflaged. From top to bottom, we find the reader for microSD, the miniHDMI port, USB OTG, the microphone, the dedicated charging connector, and the headphones.
The elegant rear combines white plastic and aluminium
In the back, near the Harbour, miniHDMI, there is a tiny reset button to strike with a sharp object. And in the bottom right corner, the unique and unbalanced speaker, as you may have noticed by my reviews is something that I hate: the speakers should be located on either side of a tablet of this size, and facing forward (or at least sideways).
On the subject of load, it is necessary to use the dedicated connector. I tried to charge it using the USB port and it was impossible. I still see him sense at this stage of life that a device Android is sold with a charger that is not USB.
Don’t expect to find a led notification or a sensor of lighting for the screen. While the led miss it, a tablet of interior does not usually require an automatic brightness adjustment.

Archos 101 Platinum, Analysis 3

Archos 101-Platinum, hardware

Rockchip seems to have found a great niche market tablets prices of medium and low. Archos has had this manufacturer for its Platinum range, and the 101 mounts one quad-core 1. 6 GHz, accompanying with a Mali GPU 400 MP4 and 2 GB of RAM. This memory size is a great detail, because and this generation seemed a fact that was limited to terminals star of the big brands.

Archos 101-Platinum: specifications
Screen IPS 10.1 inch, multi 5 points
Resolution 1280 x 800 pixels, 16:9, 149ppi
Processor Rockchip Quad Core 1.6 GHz
Graphics processor Mali 400 MP4
Memory 8 GB + microSD
OS version. Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
Connectivity Dual band (2.4 and 5 GHz), Wireless WiFi display, Bluetooth, WiFi Direct
Expansion ports MicroUSB OTG, MicroSD, MiniHDMI
Cameras Front: 0.3Mpx / back: 2Mpx
Battery 8000 mAh
Access to Google Play Yes, series
Price 230 euros

Although Archos boasts the 10mm thick, does not seem a too remarkable feature. Although maybe this feeling is due for sharing time with the very fine Storex eZee’Tab785. High measured 172mm and width 262mm, weighing 636 grams that are not cumbersome.
Between the quad-core Rockhip, the Mali graphics and 2 GB of RAM, the 101 Plantinum pays with great ease
The battery of the 101-Platinum rife, as you have to require a tablet of this size. Up to 10 hours of video playback, maintaining an adequate display brightness, until the battery said “so far”. And it holds several days on with normal use, since the consumption at rest is enough content.
A good detail of Archos is the system of With dual-band Wi-Fi. The practical result is that the computer is able to connect to WiFi networks there where others are not even able to detect them. About 20 m from the door of my house the 101-Platinum was able to connect, when with any other equipment I’ve tested lost coverage before reaching the gate.

Performance and benchmarks

As it could not be otherwise, we have faced the tablet to our gallery of common benchmarks. He has thus left standing:

Archos 101-Platinum: performance
AnTuTu v4.0.4 19120 points
Quadrant v2.1.1 5561
3DMark v1.2 Ice Storm / Extreme / Unlimited: 3161 / 2369 / 3277
EPIC Citadel v1.07 39.2 FPS @ 1280 x 752, High Quality / 40.0 FPS @ 1280 x 752, High Performance
1.11 BenchmarkPI 487 milliseconds, since #17616

The tablet is going to peel them is. I could not appreciate performance downhill Despite being subjected to stress tests. Of course, the tablet responds well in games that abuse of the graphics processor. You missed to make proof of autonomy with Battery Tester Utility, which lately seems not to be run on any device.


Archos has not wanted to scare the user with a recharged or away from the original Android interface. Moreover, I have not found changes with regard to the tablets of Jelly Bean interface, with its two deployable panels according to drag from the left or right.
What have decided to do is pre-install some unnecessary applications, like Angry Birds, a demo of World of Goo, or apps to stay abreast of news and social networking News Republic and Brief Me. It comes installed the full version of Office Suite Pro. There are applications of homegrown Archos as a file manager, an application to remotely control the tablet from another Android device, a video editor, music and video players, or a manager of media in local network.
What is appreciated is coming not as the system apps, so it You can uninstall them If I want to, even those of Archos.

Archos 101-Platinum, conclusions

Soon I could test this Archos 10.1 inch, but in general the user experience has been very satisfactory. The tablet pays very well, is pretty to the eye, and has a screen that does not disappoint unless you pretend to use it outdoors. Autonomy is expected, with a good stamina in resting State and everyday use.
It has details of high range, as those 2 GB of RAM, but also of medium-low range, as the somewhat scarce 8 GB of internal storage. At least they are deficiencies which can be supplemented with a microSD up to 64 GB. The design is eye-catching, but the step that the white plastic has on the edge fails to be comfortable. Perhaps you get used over time, but in less than two weeks I have not adapted me.
Considering the adjusted price that part, is a tablet affordable but with very full specifications.

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The Archos 101-Platinum has been granted to the test by Archos. You can consult our policy of relations with companies.