Apple Will Open a New Center of Development of Apps, This Time in India

Tim Cook made his last trip to the India this month of may 2016. On this trip, he announced that the company is planning the opening of a center that will serve as an Accelerator for the development of apps in India. Your arrival is expected for the beginning of the year coming, and everything is on a roll, because they have already come with the terrain for this.
About 40,000 square feet will be destined to offices
An area of approximately 40,000 square feet (what come to be something more than 3,700 square meters) has been leased to the company to build offices. The place is located in Galleria, Bangalore and the installation will house various offices on two floors. This region of Bangalore is known for its high level of IT in the country.
These facilities they will be the second largest Apple in the Indian country after the Hyderabad. In Hyderabad Apple account facilities that reached 25 million dollars and focus on the development of maps, providing employment to 4,000 people.
This new application development center must be added to the Development Academy Naples iOS, an environment where hundreds of students are a chance to learn how to use iOS and create applications to succeed with them. For Apple the development of future applications in a very important factor to enrich the ecosystem, so that would not be surprising view similar centers on the other parts of the world in the coming months.