Apple Us 'Slipped' Yesterday Possibly The Best Ad of The History of The Keynotes

fast-paced 107 seconds in which one may not Flash a second only because it is possible to lose not one, but two or more of the multiple innovations presented yesterday in the keynote. And speaking of Flash, precisely so it has named Apple video highlights not suitable for cardiac: Blink, who has left us a shocking taste in your mouth.
The Cupertino firm is well known by accumulate in its history much of the best ads that are today studied in faculties of communication, and how no, the mythical ‘1984’ that marked a before and later on the future of the company… and communication.
Blink nicely encapsulates the spirit of this keynote in which no doubt Apple has wanted to break the mold and which have seen pragmatic Tim Cook singing duo with James Corden a fun ‘ Sweet Alabama phone’. The video compresses very efficiently in little more than one minute (and without being next to nothing) the nearly two hours of keynote, and closes with a comedian “because you can blink”.
The sequence to the rhythm of sprint covers the fundamental moments in presented in the keynote and has curious moments, in perfect combination with the audio, as a “time is” to give way to the Series 2, either allowed the license to show to a Professor of science carefully explain what is a nit. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s your time. Not blinking.