Apple Showed off New Record

Yesterday Apple presented their latest sales figures and could impress competitors with nice figures.
Nordea was yesterday morning out and say that there were three key figures they would like to see Apple impress competitors and the stock market.
One of the key figures was of course the number of units sold and here could Apple display numbers and graphs that gets all competitors to feel envy.
At three months reached Apple to sell for US $ 32.5 billion, just on iPhones. To put it another way, Apple sold 51 million expensive smartphones. Also on the iPad since Apple can show great numbers with 26 million units sold and a turnover of 11.5 billion u.s. dollars. Both separately and together produce iPhone and iPad sales records. In short, it has been a record year for Apple.
The whole thing is, however, not Park because iPod sales as expected has gone down and there is no significant progress in the sale of computers. The stock market is not particularly impressed and this evening will be Apple’s shares sold for about $ 510 apiece, which is obviously very high, but the market ended yesterday, when the stock was sold for approximately $ 550.
The decline is due to the fact that Apple’s momentum and the sales are not as high as investors had hoped, and punishes the reason Apple today. So even if you write records is nothing predictable on the stock market.
Do you agree with stock analysts in that Apple loses momentum, or they are just greedy when now Apple shows record sales?