Apple Reinvents Its Stores with a New Organization and New Jobs

Apple seems determined to reinvent entirely its shops, and not only in regard to its outward appearance, but also with regard to the Organization. In this sense and as it has been leaked to various media, the firm has reorganized completely the structure of employees in its stores, in a decision that currently affect the centres of United States and United Kingdom.
These measures come to complement another series of changes in the known points of sale of the company, which it seems they might exit reinforced in regards to the customer service.

Organizational changes and new charges

The firm has kept meetings with employees of the shops to communicate the new changes in the Organization, which is based primarily on the creation of three new figures:

  • Pro: It is possibly the novelty of greater depth in the new changes filed by the company. This figure represents the highest level in the store and would include employees with greater knowledge of the products and services of the company.
  • Creative Pro: It’s another new figure which have not transcended the details but as they reported on MacRumors, would have a very high knowledge of the products. We are left clear what is the difference between Pro and this position, although it could be simply the customer profile that are directed.
  • Technical Expert: It’s a figure that will be contacted more frequently in case of breakdown in our device. This station is located between the technician and the known Genius and they are responsible for repairs of mobile devices and the problems at Apple TV and Apple Watch. This post basically aims to reduce the workload of the Genius.

A new spirit and motto of work

But the changes also arrive in the form of spirit or what the company defines as creed, which is quite extensive and defines very well what you want to transmit the company at their points of sale:
We are here to enrich lives, contribute to the dreamers to become actors of their dreams, help that passion will expand human potential, to make the most of our lives.
We deliver more of what we collect from the planet, the person coming after us.
We are a welcoming place where everyone is welcome.
The strength of our differences, we get from the experience and perspective, to collaboration and discussion.
We are open.
We redefine expectations, first for ourselves, then to the world.
We do it because we are crazy and an “okay” is not enough.
Because what we do defines who we are.
We find the strength to try and fail, to learn and grow, and find out what will be the following.
Also to imagine the unimaginable, and to repeat everything the next day.
We believe that our soul is our people, people who see themselves represented in others.
People who light up a light bulb, and then moves away from it.
People who work in letting this better world that found it.
People who live to enrich the lives.