Apple Patent: Will Install Magnets in the iPhone to the Camera-Accessories

Techgiganten is assigned the patent, which describes an iPhone with built-in magnets, so camera-equipment can easily be mounted.
Apple, with the iPhone, has the world’s most popular camera mobile, work continued on developing the possibilities, so customers will continue to blast away on the road.
Tech-company is also just been awarded 2 patents, which in the future could allow the user to replace the camera-lens. It writes Apple Insider.
U.s. Patent number 8, 638, 369 “Back panel for a portable electronic device with different camera lens options” describes an iPhone with a removable back cover. By removing this, one would be able to replace the lens with other options that could improve the zoom, stabilization, etc.
Since it has never been possible on the iPhone, to remove the back cover, so we should probably do not expect it to be something Apple has plans to introduce at the upcoming models.
On the other hand, does U.S. Patent No. 8, 639, 106 “Magnetic add-on lenses with alignment ridge” much more realistic, since we are talking about a way in which the lens can be mounted outside the iPhone using magnets.
The idea, however, is not new, since we already have could mount separate lenses on both iPhone and Android-powered devices by using accessories like Photojojo Lens Set.
Already has many years of experience
The difference, though, is that Apple with patent indicates that the magnets are placed inside the phone, in the same way as they have done with the iPad. It was precisely on the iPad 2, that Apple introduced the genius “Smart Cover” that covers the screen, and make sure the cover sits correctly each and every time, with the help of built-in magnets.
The patent gives different bids on how an accessory lens might look like, and have have special one caught our interest. Here Apple, in fact, that also indicates the Flash can be integrated, so that the light is amplified in a ring, as we have previously seen on “Lightstrap”-the cover for iPhone.
As always, it should of course be mentioned that although Apple has gotten approved patents, it does not mean that we ever see it used in production.
Would you buy a magnet aligned the camera lens as accessory for your iPhone?