Apple: End with 'Death' Screen with iOS 7.1

Tech-giant announces that the upcoming update for iOS devices dishes crash error, as several users are struggling with.
Apple’s iOS 7 update, which, according to tech-giant remains undisturbed developer page is installed on almost 80% of all units, have had a severe fødselt-particularly because of the radically changed the design.
The update, however, has also made iOS devices are slow and unstable. Several users have seen their iOS devices sometimes reboots to the white or black screen with Apple logo, which certainly was not a problem with earlier versions. However, should there be a fix on the way from tech-giant. It writes our site.
We have a fix in the next software update for a bug that could cause a crash on the home screen, “says Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller.
Our site has since the release of 4. Beta for iOS 7.1 had it installed on a 3rd-generation iPad. We can tell that the update improves the user experience significantly, compared to iOS 7.0.4 is publicly available.
But as we have previously prepared readers in, so can therefore go some time yet before iOS 7.1 is ready for public deployment.