Apple Could Be Forced to Open a Centre of Repair of IPhone in Russia

As a result of a lawsuit filed against Apple in June by a client of the iPhone in Russia, Apple could be forced to open a repair in the ex-sovietico country store. And it is that according to Dimitri Petrov (the affected customer), Apple does not provide adequate support in the chain of distribution when it comes to repair an iPhone.
According to reports, Apple could be planning to open a nationwide iOS devices Service Center to meet future demands. It is not known when this will be, but according to reports, it will be “big and expensive”. According to The Moscow Times, it could cost between one and two million dollars.
Petrov refused to pay extra to get that your device should be repaired properly by an outside provider. On the other hand, I wonder if the official replacement screens should not be at a fitness center in Russia.
Apple currently does not offer in Russia a service at the Apple Store, but is limited to directly change the device with a new one.
Demand has still not been resolved, but it might do so soon. On the other hand, Apple ensures the judicial statements that change the display to an iPhone is a complex process as it requires well calibrate the device. To do this they need machinery very expensive and difficult to implement in existing stores. Hence the possible opening of a service center, thus being the first in the world